Project 366 – Week 10

Hello all

I’m nearing the end of the ABC Photo Challenge now, and the end of the alphabet is much more difficult than the start! Today is V, and I haven’t taken a photograph yet, I can’t think of anything just now, and the weather is so awful that I don’t feel much like exploring to try and find inspiration! As with last week, some of my daily photos here are the alphabet photos, but some aren’t.

Minolta DSC

~ Day 58 ~

This is an owl teapot that has been in the house for as long as I can remember, and I thought I had no idea where it came from. However, I do remember seeing it featured on Design is Mine last year, and I commented on the post saying that it came from my mum’s sister-in-law. I must have asked her at the time where she got it, but I don’t remember the answer – I’m glad that I did comment, otherwise I’d probably have no idea! Anyway, this was my O photo (or at least, the photo was of this owl) for Monday.


~ Day 59 ~

This was my P photo – I went with ‘Project’ (I know, scraping the barrel a little bit!). I have been knitting squares for a while, with the overall plan being to knit them together to create a blanket. I’m not sure how well it’s going to work to be honest, because they are mostly all different sizes, despite coming out of the same book. So we’ll have to see.

Minolta DSC
~ Day 60 ~

This was always my plan for Q – what else would I have taken a photograph of! I was going to take a photo of the ‘vintage’ tin we have that has become the sewing box, but it didn’t look vintage enough, so I didn’t bother. This is one that had for Christmas, and there is actually still a chocolate or two left in it!

Minolta DSC~ Day 61 ~

My R photo was such a cop out (I drew a very basic rainbow on a piece of paper and took a photo of it), that I couldn’t include it here in all good conscience! I was struggling all day with it, so I took a photo of my egg cup too, so that I would have a standby for Project 366 if I needed one! I love this egg cup, I got it for my birthday from Anna but have only just used it!


~ Day 62 ~

Every time I go to Anna and Rob’s house, it crosses my mind how much I like their light fittings. I don’t even know why, it must just be the pattern that I like. Anyway, I was there on Friday, and my S photo had been a photo of myself, entitled ‘Self Portrait’ (and I had added some effect to hide the fact that I wasn’t looking great). I wasn’t going to include that on here, so I took a photograph of the aforementioned light fitting.


~ Day 63 ~

Saturday night was my brother’s engagement party – he proposed to his girlfriend Bex on Valentine’s Day, and here is the happy couple! It was a fun night!


~ Day 64 ~

This was a potential U photo for yesterday, but I ended up going with a photograph of the UK in my atlas! I wanted to use my atlas for my A photo, because I love it, but I couldn’t find it. As it turned out, it was on my bookshelf all along and I just hadn’t been looking properly. Anyway, so I went with my umbrella, which is hanging outside from the last time I used it. I didn’t go out yesterday (combination of tiredness, slight hangover from the night before, and sheer laziness), and I don’t plan on going out today, so the umbrella can stay where it is. It wouldn’t last long today anyway; it’s so windy here!

So that’s Week Ten done! As I said, I’m nearing the end of the ABC Photo Challenge, so I’m going to have to start thinking of things on my own again. I might try and give myself a weekly theme, or something, so that I can motivate myself to take the photos. We’ll see how it goes; I’m mightily impressed that I haven’t missed a day yet!


Project 366 – Week 9

Hello all

Apologies again for the lateness of this post, and also that it has been a week since I last blogged. Project 366 and the ABC Photo Challenge I am taking part in on Twitter are still running concurrently, but this week I have omitted a couple of the ABC photos from my Project 366 roundup. This is mainly because of the quality of the camera on my mobile phone, and also because sometimes the photos that I take lack inspiration to the point where I just have to take a photo of something beginning with the letter to make sure it gets done! I’m still very much enjoying the challenge, and I’m sad that it’s going to be coming to an end soon, but I wanted to separate it out a little bit from this Project. So there are some non-alphabetical photographs in this week’s roundup!

Minolta DSC

~ Day 51 ~

This is one such example of a non-alphabetical photograph! Monday was H, and I took a photograph of my handwriting, but I had also been snapping things around the house, looking for inspiration for later letters in the alphabet. This is a moon that hangs from the ceiling in our living room, and every niece and nephew that has seen it has loved it, because it swings and rotates!


~ Day 52 ~

Sadly not a great quality photograph, but it was the only photograph I took on Tuesday, so I had to use it. As you may have guessed, I was the letter of the day, and I was going to take a look through the dictionary for inspiration, and then I realised that I could just take a photograph of an I page in the dictionary!


~ Day 53 ~

This one was taken in my brother’s car on the way home from a Chinese buffet! I went out for lunch with him, my sister-in-law, my dad and my baby niece, and she managed to get in quite a mess with a yummy chocolate eclair! I would have taken a photograph of her, but I didn’t have my camera and my phone would not suffice in the low light. J was the letter of the day, and I knew that I would probably end up taking a photograph of myself, but I wasn’t exactly looking my best, so I resorted to this. I quite like it though!


~ Day 54 ~

Keys, because K was the letter for Thursday! I tried to arrange them so all of my keyrings were in shot, but it just wasn’t possible, so I got my favourite one in!

Minolta DSC

~ Day 55 ~

Friday was a lovely sunny day, and we have the first of our daffodils popping up in the garden, so I decided that they would make the perfect subject for a Friday photograph!


~ Day 56 ~

I have been promising my niece that she could come for a sleepover for ages, and Saturday was finally the day! I think she had a good time, we went to Burnham and played in the park, then walked along the Quay, and then we went home where she painted a mug and bowl set that my sister gave her. Having watched Grease and done some colouring in, we went to bed and watched Tangled and ate sweets. Aside from the fact that she takes up nearly all the room in the bed, it was a perfect afternoon and evening, and I had as good a time as she did!


~ Day 57 ~

On Sunday, Anna and I decided to start on our Decopatch that we saw at a craft fair that we went to last weekend. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to quite work out properly; Anna wasn’t very confident that it was going to even before we started, but I thought it couldn’t be that hard! As it is, it isn’t that hard, but it just didn’t seem to work as well as it should have done. I think I’ll stick to knitting!

Until next time


Project 366 – Week 8

Hello all

Sorry for being a bit late with this week’s Project 366 round-up! As I mentioned last week, I have been doing an ABC Photo Challenge on Twitter, so all of my daily photos are going to overlap with those this week! I know it’s probably cheating a little bit, but I am not overly worried! They are still photos and they are still taken daily!

Minolta DSC

~ Day 44 ~

A is for Aces! As with my usual Project 366, I had a bit of trouble with inspiration for this one, I just couldn’t think of anything. But there is a deck of cards right next to me when I use the computer, and I decided that there was nothing better than using the aces from it for A!


~ Day 45 ~

Another phone photograph, so the quality isn’t great. I took this at my brother’s house; my sister-in-law loves buddhas and has various ornaments in their house. I enlisted the help of my nieces to help me find something beginning with B, and I got one of them, Lyla, to use her camera to look for things beginning with B. I think it will make a fun game at some point to do a scavenger hunt with them, taking photographs of 26 different things beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

Minolta DSC

~ Day 46 ~

Inspiration failed me totally on Wednesday, I just couldn’t think of anything to take a photograph of, so I thought the clock would do just fine. It was at 5.15, as you can see, and I was just settling down to watch Pointless!

Minolta DSC

~ Day 47 ~

I called this one ‘Dusk’; the sky was so pretty that I wanted to take a photograph of it, and then when I realised that it was a word beginning with D, I decided to use it for my challenge photograph.


~ Day 48 ~

Elephant, taken with my phone again. It’s an ornament that my mum got from Christmas quite a few years ago, from my sister, and I really like it. In the background, you can see some Beatles thimbles (John and Paul – George and Ringo are hidden by the elephant), and a Beatles plate that my mum got back in the sixties.


~ Day 49 ~

Fabric! I went to a craft fair on Saturday with Anna and her aunt, and when I saw this, I just had to take a photograph. So much lovely fabric!

photo (1)

~ Day 50 ~

This collection of games is in Anna’s cupboard, though two of them (Winning Lines and Celebrity Taboo) are actually mine. Pass the Popcorn is a brilliant game that Anna bought in America, and it’s loads of fun if you love films.

Again, despite being late, I am only going up to Sunday; today’s and yesterday’s photographs will be included next week. I am going to try not to use all of my alphabet photos for next week’s Project 366, but it just depends on what other photographs I take!


Project 366 – Week 7

Hello all

Sorry for the delay in getting this week’s Project 366 post up. I don’t really have an excuse, I just didn’t get around to it last night! I am actually taking part in another photo challenge, on Twitter; Nina at I See A Beautiful Future (another Essex blogger – I finally found one!) is doing the ABC Photo Challenge, which is actually what it sounds like, a photo each day beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. It started today, and to be honest, most of the photographs I take for it will probably end up being my daily photo, so if you don’t follow me on Twitter you will probably see them on here; if you do, then you’ll see them twice!


~ Day 37 ~

This is a square that I knitted at the start of the week. I love it, it’s such an interesting texture and a nice pattern. I think it will look lovely as part of a blanket (if I ever manage to knit enough squares!).

Minolta DSC

~ Day 38 ~

I’ve taken a photograph of water before, and posted it on the blog, but I liked the result so much that I thought I’d do it again!


~ Day 39 ~

Not the most original of photographs, you have seen books here before, and no doubt you’ll see them again! But I was especially chuffed with my haul from the library on Wednesday, especially as I had reserved The Girl Who Played With Fire, and it hadn’t arrived, so when I went to the library and saw it on the shelf, I grabbed it! I haven’t started it yet though, because both The Sense of an Ending and The Help are due back in three weeks, and I can’t renew them, so I have to read them! I have actually already finished The Sense of an Ending, and I’ve started The Help. I’m on track for my 75-book goal!

Minolta DSC

~ Day 40 ~

Not a great photograph, but I was a bit uninspired!


~ Day 41 ~

Another slightly uninspired photograph, but I like this pattern that is on one of our lampshades.


~ Day 42 ~

This may not look particularly like a photograph I took myself, but it is, honest! I went to an exhibition called Magical World at The Museum of Childhood on Saturday, and there were lots of quotes from books around the exhibition. I may do a post of my photographs from it at some point, although I don’t really want this blog to just become a place for me to post photographs!

Minolta DSC

~ Day 43 ~

This may be one of my favourite photographs that I have ever taken. I don’t know why, I just like the way the plants in the front are in focus, and that you can see the movement of them in the wind. I took it on another winter walk that I went on with my sister yesterday.