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February on Is That You Darling

Did you miss anything on Is That You Darling in February? Here’s a rundown of what went down!

Tuesday Treats


Only two treats in February, Jon Bon Jovi and a Valentine’s special in which I told you my top five celebrity crushes.

My Thoughts On…

Family PlotSpeedHitchcock

I’ve been playing catch up all month on My Thoughts On, and I’m still not quite there! I gave my thoughts on Family Plot, Speed, and Hitchcock.


Mary  Glasses

I don’t do a lot of fashion posts, but this month I put together an outfit based on Mary in Three Men and a Little Lady, and also found some glasses from Hitchcock.



I like to think that my blog has changed course slightly this year; I’m trying to write more about me, my hopes and dreams, and my opinions. So in February I blogged about giving up sugar for Lent, a dream road trip across the USA, writing to my MP about Equal Marriage, and having a bit of a tidy on the blog. I also started a new series called Simple Pleasures; the first one was about singing your favourite songs very loudly!

Days Out 


Every lifestyle blogger worth his or her salt likes to blog about their days out, and I’m no exception. In February I wrote about my first ever blogger meetup with the Essex Bloggers, a singalonga Sound of Music evening with my sister, and my weekend with my niece in Bedford.

Everything Else


Elsewhere I blogged about a Silent Opera, I took a photo an hour, and I found a few things that I don’t think will ever get boring!

January on Is That You Darling

I’ve enjoyed tinkering with my blog since the start of the year, working out what works and what doesn’t, and introducing some new posts. This is one such post: a look back on the posts of the previous month.

Tuesday Treats


January saw treats in the form of Richard Armitage, Steve Backshall and Kyle Chandler.

Blog Awards


I got two blog awards!

My thoughts on…

The HobbitThe ImpossibleC&A


I started my new film series; not reviews, just my thoughts on each and every new film I see. I gave my thoughts on The Hobbit, The Impossible, Cowboys and Aliens and Rope.


Milka HE

I’m still fairly new to reviewing items on my blog, but I did two in January. Some Milka Milketten chocolates from Cybercandy and a Herbal Essences Intensive Mask.



I’ve been trying to inject a bit more ‘me’ into my blog; I self-define as a lifestyle blogger, after all! So this month I spoke about Dry January, a Health Kick., and my fear of whales.

Everything Else


Elsewhere, I blogged about my Christmas Cookies, shared my plans for an A-Z Photo Challenge in January, got obsessed with the US presidency, made some GIFS, and went for a walk in the snow.

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