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Right now, I am mostly…

Watching : I went to see Ant-Man in IMAX last week, and I totes loved it. I particularly enjoyed being able to wear my new necklace, and though I paired with a Star Wars t-shirt for work, I made amends for the actual film, and changed into a Marvel t-shirt.

Reading : I’m currently making my way through Paper Towns, by John Green, before the film comes out at the end of this week. I’m enjoying it, but I’m finding it slightly long. There doesn’t feel as though there’s an end in sight, and it feels like I’ve been reading it for ages. That might be down to my attention span though, which doesn’t feel in tip-top condition just at the moment. I’m also still reading The Lost World by Michael Crichton and The Royal We by Heather Morgan and Jessica Cocks. I had hoped to get at least one of those finished in time for my July books round up, but it didn’t happen. Books roundup to follow this week!

Crafting : I’m trying cross-stitching again. As you can see from this photo, I don’t have a great track record. In my life, I think I’ve finished one cross-stitching project, and I gave that away as a present. But I’m working on a New York one at the moment, and so far, it’s going well. Even if I did buy some new threads at the weekend and then throw them away by accident.

Missing : Not only do I have to put up with no Mayo and Kermode for weeks in the summer, I also now have to put up with no Mayo on Radio 2 for two weeks. I hate the summer.

Tidying : I was thrilled to receive a little box of goodies as a thank you for a recent blog post, and in it came this little pouch for my headphones! I’m always having to untangle them from my keys at the bottom of my bag, so this is perfect, and a lovely colour too!


Photographing : The office dogs provide ample opportunity for photography, particularly when they are doing things like this. Dolly had just had enough on Friday afternoon (echoing my own thoughts), and Toby made us laugh by looking at us through the window on the door.


Right now, I am mostly…

Listening : In the last two weeks, I’ve listened to thirty or so Empire podcast episodes. I used to listen a lot, and then a certain other filmic podcast stole my loyalty away. Now, with Mark and Simon taking their annual what-feels-like-four-months off, I felt as though I should go back to Empire, and boy am I glad I did. I can’t stop listening; Helen O’Hara is my new crush. I can never start listening tonew things without going all the way back to the start, so I’m currently at the beginning of 2013. I’ll be up to date within a couple of weeks though!

Reading : My reading has dropped off again a little bit lately, but I have two books on the go that I’m hoping to finish before the end of the month, so they can go into my July roundup post.

Re-designing : You may have noticed that I’ve had a little bit of a tinker with my blog design. I can’t quite get exactly what I want, but with all the criteria I have, I think this is the closest I am going to get. I’m planning a new header, and a few other tweaks, but other than that, I’m fairly happy!


Cuddling : I managed to have a cuddle with a cat for an entire film last week; I was staying with my friend who was house-sitting, and there are three Tonkinese cats in the house. One of them was not willing to sit nicely, so she couldn’t sit with me, but one of the others was, and so we had a nice cuddle while watching a terrible film.

Finding : A little while ago I realised that I had lost my Cineworld Unlimited card. It wasn’t in any of the places it should have been, and I ended up just reporting it lost and ordering a new one. Of course, yesterday, I found it. It was in my denim jacket, which I had already checked, but obviously not that thoroughly. I’ve also lost my little collection of tickets that I’ve been collecting this year. They are somewhere in my house, but I just can’t put my hands on them. These are infinitely more valuable to me than the card, because I can’t replace them!

Collecting : I am collecting email addresses for a Photo an Hour email. I’m planning on sending out a reminder a couple of days before the designated day each month, so if you would like to join in (or know someone else who would) please leave your email address here.


Writing : I wrote another Twitter poem (a poem made entirely of replies I’ve received on Twitter). I like this one.


Right now, I am mostly…

Planning : A potential trip to Scotland. If I do go, it will be for no more than three days, all told, and it will be on a shoestring budget. But I have a ticket to a very exciting radio event, and I really, really, really want to go. So I think I’m just going to do it.

Making : Yesterday, Anna and I made these dinosaur pegs. I helped out with a brownie craft day she was doing on Saturday, and her craft activity was pegs with magnets on the back. We decided to make our own, with dinosaurs on, but instead of making them magnets, we’re going to make ours pins, to go on a pin board. I just need to add the push pin to the back, and then they are ready to be used!

Buying : I went to Lakeside last Thursday, with some friends from work, and as usual, we all split up and went to various different shops. I tried to avoid Primark (though I did end up buying a Minnie Mouse bag in there), but when I met up with the others, it transpired that Hannah had bought some Jurassic World pyjamas, and so I had to go back in and buy myself some. We now have matching pyjamas.

Reading : It’s been a dino-kinda week, as I’ve been reading Jurassic Park too! (I’m also watching The Lost World: Jurassic Park as I write this!) I finished it yesterday, and I just adored it. It’s easy to see why the film rights were bought before it was even published, and why it became such an amazing film; this is an incredibly well imagined story! I also read Forever by Judy Blume yesterday, in my ongoing quest to read or re-read all of her books. It’s not one that I read as a teenager, though I know it by reputation, or course!

Missing : I’m missing Wimbledon. The tennis itself, and the daily appearance of John McEnroe on my television.

Making : I went along to the beach on Saturday, just for a little while. I’m not the biggest fan of the beach, if I’m honest; I like the sea, and I like photos of the coast, but I don’t love sand. But I did make a sandcastle, so that was a bonus.


Right now, I am mostly…

Working : Or at least, I was for seven days straight last week, meaning I am currently enjoying two days off at the start of this week! I was at one of the exhibitions that we organise all weekend, in Manchester. It’s a hard weekend, and as you can see from the photo above, I walked rather a lot (probably around 25 miles over the four days). But it’s always really great four days. and I just loved it!

Buying : I bought some new pyjamas for my working weekend, because that kind of thing just feels like the perfect opportunity, doesn’t it? Then I went out today and bought a skirt, and a denim jacket. I’ve been after a denim jacket for ages, and I went into Gap and saw one in the sale for £20. I have had a high street voucher in my purse for over a year, and when I realised that I could use it in Gap, I finally spent some of it! It’s a beaut too!

Failing : As you may have noticed (or not, because you probably don’t care as much as I do), I missed two days of BEDM at the weekend. It was always going to be a toughie to try and get posts written in advance for this particular weekend, but I when I signed up for BEDM, I thought I could make it work. I couldn’t, and I’m disappointed, but ultimately I don’t mind. I’m going to keep on keeping on, and we’ll see how it turns out by the end of the month! 

Reading : I’m so disappointed by how little reading I’ve been doing lately. I don’t really have any excuses; I have been working a lot, but it has always irritated me when people say they don’t have time for reading. What that means is that they prioritise other things over reading. Which, of course, is fine – that’s their prerogative – but I have never been one of those people, and it annoys me that I seem to be becoming one.

Celebrating : I made a comment last week at work that it was my half birthday, and that I’d read a Timehop tweet from a couple of years ago moaning that nobody had acknowledged it (tongue in cheek, of course!). Chris then proceeded to ‘make’ me a ‘card’, which basically consisted of him writing a card and then ripping it in half, to make a half card for a half birthday. (Bev has become my work nickname, by the way!)

Marvelling : Today I was scrolling through Timehop, and I noticed this! Twice on this day in the past I have tweeted about having a cold (and I currently have a sore throat and a very croaky voice), and twice on this day in the past I have tweeted about reading back on my past tweets. Coincidences like this are amazing!


Right now, I am mostly…

Reminiscing : I decided that I wanted to start organising my digital photos, backing them up and actually getting some of them printing. I like the idea of doing photo books, rather than getting individual photos printed, so I am organising everything into years, as far as I can, and then I might get a book done for each year. The problem with this is that there are a lot of photos! And going through them leads to a lot of reminiscing, most of it good, but some bad too! I did find a photo of my mum and me though, that I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen before, so I’m going to get a print of that done and into a frame.

Moving : I’m actually kind of moving house next weekend. It’s something I’m probably going to devote a post to, but the long and short of it is that I’m going to be moving out of my family house and into a flat with my friend Hannah. I’m slightly in denial about the whole thing, really, because I’m not even close to being organised. I should probably get on that.

Winning : At life, in general, of course, but also, more specifically, at the bingo. Our trip to the bingo actually took place two weeks ago, but I failed to provide a Mondaying update last week, and it’s too exciting to miss it out. We went for a work night out, though there only actually ended up being four of us in the end, and we managed to get everything for free! As new members, we were given our cards for free, and then a bottle of ‘bubbly’ was bought over (cheap Bucks Fizz, of course), and then a lady came over to teach us how to play the table games, and gave us a pound to put in, telling us we could keep whatever we won. I managed to win £16! What a result!

Celebrating : I spent Valentine’s evening in the company of these three beauties; Lucy, Laura and Hannah. We had Mexican food, and then we slobbed out on the sofa watching a music channel counting down the best love songs ever. I began to lose faith in the chart when Sam Smith appeared, and then Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud was number one. Yep. Seriously. Still, we had fun.

Spotting : I love spotting oil spills, even when they have slightly phallic tendencies, like this one. I know that my joy in spotting them is probably not matched by the person causing them, because it evidently means a leak. Especially as this one was of several that were space intermittently down the road!


Watching : I went to the cinema last weekend to see Selma. Despite it being stuck in a tiny screen that was completely full (not everyone wants to see 50 Shades, Cineworld), I really, really loved it, and agree with everyone who lamented David Oyelowo’s omission from the Best Actor list at the Oscars. It’s a very powerful film, and it had me sobbing at various points, but everything is completely outshone by Oyelowo’s performance. Truly stunning.

Receiving : I had a lot of post waiting for me when I got home on Friday, and one bit was this letter from Ashley, the lovely lady who I was paired with in Charlotte’s letter swap last year. She currently lives in South Korea, and she sent me this awesome New Year card, and some stickers! She had no way of knowing, but I love stickers! I can’t wait to write back to her, I just have to find some cool writing paper!


Making : Yesterday I made macaroni cheese for the first time ever. It’s not something that I have eaten that much of (save for a disastrous packet in America when my plans for Thanksgiving fell through. I felt pretty Chandler-esque that day, I have to say, and the mac ‘n’ cheese was not tasty), and I don’t love cheese, but I’ve been fancying it for a while, and I wanted to know if I could make it. Turns out I can, and it was rather tasty.

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