Right now, I am mostly…

Blogging : My plan to blog every day in May fell apart over the weekend! But then I decided not to beat myself up, and just try and commit to blogging every week day in May (and then try to not beat myself up when that inevitably fails!). Is anyone else trying a BEDM challenge this year?


Reading : This weekend I read Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine in its entirety, having put on my library list without noticing that I already had it on my Kindle. I’m planning a full review of it later in the week, but the fact that I read it in two sittings should give you some idea how much I liked it. (It’s wonderful.)

Watching : My friend Hannah, with whom I live, has never watched Game of Thrones, and I’ve only watched the first four series. So when it popped up on NowTV in anticipation of the new series, we decided to watch from the beginning. I have mixed feelings over the series; having read and loved the books, the series didn’t entirely capture my attention. But I’m enjoying watching again, even if I have to keep warning Hannah not to get too attached!

Exercising : It’s not my natural instinct to exercise, because I’m lazy and I like sitting around too much. But I’ve been a member of The Gym for a while – it’s really affordable and not at all intimidating, and Hannah and I have a routine of going twice a week. It’s working out well so far, and although I’m not seeing noticeable results, just being active is making me feel loads better!

Contemplating : I’m seriously considering having all my hair cut off. I go through stages where I want to grow it long so I can do more with it, and then I just want to cut it all off. It’s really hard to decide, but I’m probably just going to get it cut off and then let it grow if I don’t like it!
IMG_9054Ticking : I ticked off another 35 Before 35 item last week, though I haven’t actually written about any of them yet! The above photo should give you some idea as to which one it was!



Right now, I am mostly…

Blogging : I’ve been blogging approximately 300% more in the last week than I have for months and months. It feels a bit as though a lot of it is ‘housekeeping’ style posts – stuff I need to catch up on that I have let slip for ages, but it’s good to get back into the swing of things, and then hopefully I can’t start being a bit more inspired with the sort of thing I am writing.

Feeling : I’ve been suffering with a bit of  a cold lately – for someone who proudly asserted last Tuesday that ‘I never get ill’, it was slightly embarrassing to have to go home from work on Wednesday – something that never, ever happens! It’s just been the cold that won’t go home really, and I’m lucky that the flu-ey symptoms that caused me to be sent home from work didn’t amount to anything worse. I just needed a nap and I was back at work on Thursday!.

Watching : As I mentioned last week, I cannot wait until the new Gilmore Girls episodes hit Netflix, especially because yesterday I finished my first entire rewatch of the series, so I’m thoroughly ensconced in all things Stars Hollow.

Had a haircut so did a thing. It didn't really work that well. #haircut

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Wondering : A couple of months ago I had my too-long hair cut into a bob, and at first, I loved it. But this weekend I went back for a trim, and I’m less keen this time. I don’t know if it’s the actual cut this time, or just my feelings on it that have changed. Anyway, now I’m wondering if I bite the the bullet, and go properly short. I’m not convinced I really have the face for it, so I’m going to wait and see how I feel in the new year!


Right now, I am mostly…

Planning : I have been so lax on the blogging front recently – things have got on top of me in all areas of my life and blogging has had to take a backseat. But now things have quietened down a little, I’m trying to get back on track, and I have posts planned for most of November. At this stage I think it’s probably best not to try and commit to blogging every day, but if all goes well, there will be a lot more content here over the next couple of weeks.

Anticipating : Like much of the rest of the world, I am counting down the days until the new Gilmore Girls episodes. The trailer had me in paroxysms of delight, and I’m going to be reading and reviewing a couple of related books for this here blog.

Dreading : Like much of the rest of the world, I’m looking ahead to next week’s US presidential election. Can we just fast forward four years and try and do better?

Missing : Over the last two weeks, I’ve spent a fair amount of time with my great niece, Peggie, and now she’s not around so much, I miss her.


Playing : For the last year or so, I’ve been playing a numbers game on Instagram. It basically involves photographing numbers when you see them, and uploading them consecutively. Despite playing for nearly a year, I’m only at number seventeen, but I do enjoy doing it! You can follow along with my game at #itydnumbers on Instagram

Watching : I know there’s loads of great new telly out there, but I find myself rewatching Criminal Minds yet again.


Right now, I am mostly…

Reading : Amongst other things, I am reading The Merry Wives of Windsor, because I have started an online Shakespeare course, and this is the first play we are looking at.

Listening : Since she died last week, I’ve been listening to a fair amount of Victoria Wood’s songs. She really was hilariously funny, and entirely unique – there’s nobody like her at all. The Ballad of Barry and Freda is obviously a famous one, but there’s loads to be enjoyed.

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Obsessing : My current obsession is Snapchat. I just love it – both watching other people’s stories, and creating my own. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t think that I have the most entertaining life to share, but I love sharing it anyway! If you’d like to follow me, you can do so by my username – bluebee12 – or you can snap my code above.

Celebrating : At the weekend I got the fantastic news that my great-niece had arrived! My niece Abbie gave birth on Saturday morning, so I work up to a photo of the little mite, and I’m in love already. I can’t wait to meet her now!

001 Puzzle

002 Puzzle

Puzzling : I love a jigsaw puzzle, and I’m always scouring charity shops to find new ones. I recently got sent this Ravensburger puzzle called The Secretary*, part of the Happy Days at Work series. It’s not the type of puzzle that I would usually pick, and it didn’t take me very long, but I enjoyed it!


Walking : Now that daylight sticks around for longer, and the weather is fairly decent, I’ve started walking in the evenings again. There’s nothing I like more than loading my phone up with a podcast, and just heading out for an hour, it’s such a nice way to end the day!

* PR item


Right now, I am mostly…

Enjoying : I’m enjoying the fact that I now have a laptop on which to blog. I had been making do with a terribly archaic setup, and it totally wasn’t working for me, so I took the plunge and bought myself a laptop. It’s going to hopefully mean a return to regular blogging, and I’m starting by reintroducing my Mondaying posts, which have been missing for a while!

Reading : I’m lucky enough to have been sent a review copy of the release of the year. Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo have written a book called The Movie Doctors, and so far, it’s as amazing as you probably think it’s going to be. I’m going to be reviewing it in a couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for that!

Watching : As I write this, I’m watching The Go-Between; the adaptation of the L.P. Hartley book that was on BBC1 a couple of weeks ago. I read the book while I was at school, and then again last year, and watching the adaptation is reminding me how much I like it. I may have to seek out more of Hartley’s work.

Listening : On Friday night I went up to London to see The Dodge Brothers play at the Blues Kitchen in Camden. The venue was not to my taste; too loud, crowded and dark for me, though I guess it was perfect for this kind of music. They are really, very good, and I don’t just say this as a fan of their bass player. They really did bring the house down; everyone had a lot of fun. I enjoyed meeting up with Chloe, my Witter/Twitter friend, although we agreed that we’re both too similar to do well in this kind of environment – neither of us are very good at pushing through people to get to the the bar or to hold our own in a big group of people! Much fun was had, however.

Laughing : I had to laugh when I looked through the office door to see this pair of doodles! They had been left at the office while their humans (can’t bring myself to say ‘mummy and daddy’ and don’t think ‘owners’ sounds quite right) were out at a meeting, and they don’t like being left behind!

Joking : I took this photo in Next last week, while it was still September, and then put it on Instagram with the caption, “I put my tree up today. Not too early is it?” I obviously found myself hilarious, but I don’t know how I managed to convince anyone, given all the tags on the decorations! My tree doesn’t go up until at least the beginning of December, and even then I do it under protest!