Fun to Come #11

I used to write regular posts called Fun to Come, and then for some reason, I just sort of retired them. I quite like the idea of them, and I’m experiencing a bit of writer’s block, so I’m resurrecting the series (for now). In case you’re wondering, it’s just a list of things that I’m currently doing or getting excited about doing in the near future!


Heading off to the Caravan of Love for the weekend with my besties (except for Jen, who totally bailed on us).

Counting down the days until I go and see The Shires!

Buying some wool and getting my knit back on.

Thinking about the presents I need to buy for two nieces, one nephew, one dad, one sister and two best friends for birthdays in July.

Trying not to get upset about the fact that I’m missing Wittertaiment live for the third time in a row tomorrow.

Finding a book to read that holds my attention for more than half an hour. I’m going through a dry patch.

Making plans for this here blog to go self-hosted!

Completing June’s Photo an Hour on Sunday. Let me know if you’re joining in!

Fun to Come #10

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Lots of blogging to be done this week; my to-do list is coming in very handy.

Spending Friday night with my sister.

Team VAJJ reunion on Saturday, with food, films and fun.

Continuing with the diet; it’s going fairly well and I’m feeling good!

Baking something. I’m thinking maybe homemade crumpets.

Writing a letter to my niece, who is three and can almost spell my name!

Watching some more Grey’s Anatomy; I’m doing a big rewatch and I’m up to Season 5.

Continuing with the A-Z Challenge!

Fun to Come #9

I am a day late with Fun to Come this week, because I completely forgot about it yesterday! So much for being super-organised with the blog this year.


The Essex Bloggers meet up on Saturday – both excited and nervous in equal measure.

Seeing a free preview of Hitchcock on Sunday.

Spending some more of my Primark voucher that I’ve had for over two months.

Blogging my first ‘beauty’ review.

Finishing off a knitting project that might become a present for someone.

Tidying my bedroom (again).

Fun to Come #8

I was making a list of regular series that I feature here on Is That You Darling the other day, and it suddenly occurred to me that Fun to Come was a regular series, and I completely forgot it existed! Congratulations on being rubbish, brain.

So despite not consciously retiring Fun to Come, I am resurrecting it!



Having some more fun in the snow; there’s still plenty hanging around!

Watching Barack Obama’s second Inauguration.

Trying out and writing a review of my new curling wand.

Kick starting this diet that should have started three weeks ago.

Listening to Bon Jovi on Radio 2, seeing as I wasn’t lucky enough to get tickets to see them.

Baking some more biscuits.

Working on my new colouring book!

Watching some more Hitchcock films.