Glamourween ~ F&F Halloween Challenge

I’ve never really been one for celebrating Halloween as such, even though I enjoy fancy dress as much as the next person. I didn’t even really celebrate it when I was living in the States, even though is a proper event there. But when I was offered the chance to take part in F&F’s Glamourween competition, I was instantly on board! Fifteen bloggers were asked to create an urban witch look using F&F clothes and accessories.

I spent quite a long time trying to work out exactly what I wanted to do, browsing for hours through the website looking at all the beautiful clothes, and in the end I decided that I wanted to try and emulate a 90s look, reminiscent of the girls from The Craft.

So this was my inspiration, though I am not entirely sure that I totally pulled it off! It was hard, but I am quite pleased with what I achieved in the end, and I would be quite happy to wear this to a Halloween party (as long as strict costumes weren’t compulsory!).







F&F Vest with Chain Necklace ~ £7
F&F Limited Edition Textured Skater Skirt ~ £14
F&F Contrast Strap Hidden Platform Shoeboots ~ £19.50

I also bought some over the knee socks to really try and complete the 90s witch look, but when I tried them on it turned out that they don’t really suit a plus-sized thirty year old! So I gave them a miss and added in some tights that I bought a little while ago.

As ever, I feel I should issue the usual disclaimers about my awkward outfit poses; I struggle so much with them even though I had a fabulous photographer in the form of my friend Rob. He was channelling Nigel Barker from ANMT, of which Rob is a fan, and he did really well, and eventually I did start to relax a little! All credit therefore goes to Rob for the photos, which are fabulous, even if the model is only so-so!

I was also sent a lovely little package with some makeup bits and pieces to help complete my urban witch look; I used the Revlon Colorstay Smoky Shadow Stick to create the best version of a smoky eye I can manage, and the Barry M Raspberry nail varnish to finish off the look. I have never had too much luck with false eyelashes, so I gave them a miss this time! (By the by, the sweets didn’t last long!)

One lucky blogger who takes part in the Glamorween competition is going to win £200 of F&F vouchers, and after spending so long browsing through their range the other day, I have to hope it’s me so I can buy some of the lovely things I’m coveting!

* I was provided with a voucher to purchase the items used to create my Glamourween look

Maybe One Day ~ Naeem Khan

I don’t know an awful lot about fashion. I don’t really buy clothes all that often, and when I do, they are usually from charity shops, so it’s always a case of finding something that I love and can afford, rather than something that is in fashion or on trend.

But I do love looking at photos of ladies in pretty dresses, and I do wish that I had enough money to buy myself one of those lovely dresses (and that I had somewhere to wear it!).

So I have decided to start a new series called Maybe One Day, in which I share with you some of my favourite items that I will probably never be able to afford. Today I’m featuring the dresses of my favourite designer, Naeem Khan.


Photo Sources: 1 ~ 2


Photo Sources: 1 ~ 2

These are a few red carpet dresses that really made me realise how much I love Khan’s dresses. My absolute favourite is the monochrome one that Nina Dobrev wore to the Oscar parties in March 2013. It helps that she has a perfect face, but seriously, that’s a fabulous dress.

And because this is fantasy land, where I can afford expensive dresses, fit into them, and have somewhere to wear them, here are some of my favourites to buy right now.


1 ~ Beaded Strapless Gown
2 ~ Appliquéd Cocktail Dress


1 ~ Beaded Bodice Ruffle-Skirt Ball Gown
2 ~ Low Back Beaded Cocktail Dress

Finally, there were a few particularly gorgeous dresses at Khan’s New York Fashion Week show that I wanted to share.


Photo sources: 1 ~ 2


Photo sources: 1 ~ 2

That wedding dress makes me swoon. I think the only way I’d ever get my hands on it is if I was marrying Naeem Khan himself, but a girl can dream.

A Summer Dress in Autumn ~ Damart

When I was younger, there were certain shops on the high street that I wouldn’t want to be seen in, much less be caught wearing any of their clothes! As I’ve got older, I’ve realise that it doesn’t matter where your clothes come from, what’s important is that you feel good in them!

Damart is not a shop that I would have necessarily considered for clothes before, because I have always assumed that the clothes, whilst nice, are probably for people with a few miles more on the clock than me. But when I was offered a dress from their collection to style up and blog about, I have to say that I changed my mind. It was a gateway dress, as now I have my eye on a few other pieces from their website!

However, I have had a bit of a nightmare trying to take photos of the dress! I took some a while ago, and then found that the dress was creased, and you could really tell in the majority of the photos! So I decided to retake them, but the weather changed, and the rainy, grey days weren’t exactly conducive to nice outfit shots!

In the end I managed it, and so today I’m showing you how I decided to wear my dress so it’s suitable for autumn. (As always with outfit posts, I feel the need to apologise for the shots – I am at my most awkward when posing like this!)

Minolta DSC

Dress ~ c/o Damart
Necklace ~ Birthday gift
Denim Jacket ~ Very old!
Converse ~ Donated by a friend

As you can see, I went with a denim jacket and a pair of Converse. When I was wearing the dress in the sunshine, I was wearing it with sandals, and a long cardigan if necessary. Now that the temperature has dropped a little, I don’t want to get my toes out, and my sneakers are my go-to shoes for this weather! I’d probably need to add a scarf at the moment because the autumnal weather is feeling a little too wintery for my liking!

You may be able to see from the bottom photo that I have had to add a modesty pin to the dress; the way it was before just wasn’t decent on me!

This dress is currently £14.00, down from £35. That’s a 60% saving! It’s also available in a lovely navy blue, or a black and white print.

* PR Sample. This dress was sent to me for review by Damart. All reviews on Is That You Darling are fair and unbiased.

I Heart This Dress

By now, I think most of my regular readers will know me pretty well. I’m not really a fashion blogger. As a lifestyle blogger, I like to think that I can write about whatever takes my fancy really, but that doesn’t often involve me showing photos of myself wearing different outfits. There are a number of reasons for this, but I think the two most important ones are: i) I don’t own enough lovely clothes, and ii) I think I look like an idiot in most outfit photos that I try to take.

But I’m trying really hard to overcome this fear I have, because every now and again I wear something that I love, and I want to post about it! A few weeks ago, I posted a couple of outfit photos to Instagram, and today, I’m bringing you an outfit post on the blog!

Firstly, a couple of disclaimers. The photos aren’t the best quality, because I hadn’t planned to take them, and so hadn’t brought along a decent camera. Secondly, I’m pulling a really silly face in the main photo. But I really wanted to share these photos, because I’m in love with this dress. So bad quality photos and silly face be damned; I’m sharing!

Dress ~ Primark
Leggings ~ Primark
Sandals ~ c/o Clarks
Glasses ~ c/o Pretavoir

I bought this dress last week when I stopped off at Westfield Stratford after my trip to London. I was after a new dress, and I wanted one in a similar style to two others I have, because they are really flattering. They didn’t have any, so I settled for this one (at the bargainous price of £8), and I’m so glad I did. It’s my new favourite dress. It’s a wee bit snug, and I have a bit of a battle to get the zip all the way up, but once it’s done, I think it’s another flattering fit. I love the sleeves, which you can see better in the photo below, I love the way it pulls me in a the waist and flares out slightly. Mostly I love the way I feel in it, and for £8, I think that’s pretty good value for money!

The photos were taken at the Bungalow Diner, in Marks Tey, where I went for dinner with my friend Hannah on Saturday night. It’s one of those places that looks a bit odd from the outside, but once you are inside it’s like a proper fifties diner. I love it, and the food was tasty!

Have you seen this dress in Primark? I am hoping it’s available in different styles so I can buy up lots of them!