Things I Have Learned This Week 005

Things That Would Be Helpful in a Pub Quiz

♥ The Vienna Secession was a group of Austrian artists, including Gustav Klimt and Max Fabiani, who resigned from the Association of Austrian Artists in 1897, because they objected to the conservatism and traditional outlook of the movement.

♥ A purple poppy was created in 2006 to commemorate the animal victims of war. A white poppy was introduced in the 1930s that, like the traditional red poppy, remembers those who have died in war, but puts an emphasis on a lasting commitment to peace.

♥ Charles Dickens slept facing north, because he believed it help improve his writing.

♥ Anthropodermic bibliopegy is the art of binding books in human skin. It was commonly used in the case of criminals, including Guy Fawkes conspirator Henry Garnet, whose record of offenses against him were bound in his own skin.

Things That Wouldn’t Be Helpful in a Pub Quiz

♥ As long as Primark keep producing their Harry Potter t-shirts, I will keep buying them.

♥ If you don’t ask, you won’t get. Sometimes you won’t get if you do ask, but you stand more chance if you actually do ask.

♥ I can go to the cinema and watch a horror film without any adverse effects.

♥ The tension of said horror films will be affected by fellow audience members farting audibly in the middle of the film.

Things I Have Learned This Week 004

Things That Would Be Helpful in a Pub Quiz

♥ The oldest zoo in the world is located in the ground of Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. It dates back to 1752.

♥ Thor Heyerdahl was a Norwegian ethnographer (study of people and cultures) and adventurer. He sailed across the Pacific Ocean in a raft he built by hand, called Kon-Tiki.

♥ Blackbeard’s real name was Edward Teach, or Edward Thatch.

♥ The Struve Geodetic Arc is a chain of survey triangulations that starts in Norway and stretches for 2820km to the Black Sea. The survey was the designed to help establish the exact size of the planet.

♥ From east to west, Hawaii is the widest US state, but it would fit inside Texas around forty times.

♥ The term Spandau Ballet refers to the twitching that would occur to the bodies of people hanged at Spandau prison. The band Spandau Ballet used it when it was seen written on a toilet wall and decided on as a good name for a band.

Things That Wouldn’t Be Helpful in a Pub Quiz

♥ The rules of chess aren’t as hard to learn as I had assumed.

♥ Watching clips of old Neighbours characters dying is not a bad way to spend a Saturday night with your besties.

♥ It’s a month until my birthday, and the chances of me completing more than a couple more of my 32 Before 32 list are minimal.

♥ When Mark Kermode retweets you, you get a lot of replies and favourites and retweets.

Things I Have Learned This Week 003

Things That Would Be Helpful in a Pub Quiz

♥ The origin of the Aids pandemic has been traced to Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in the 1920s.

♥ A tetraconch is a building, usually a church, with four apses, of equal size, in each direction. The Zvartnots Cathedral in Armenia is an example of one.

♥ The –super-Mare part of Weston-super-Mare is Latin for ‘upon sea’. It was added to the name Weston to distinguish it from other places with the same name.

♥ The word toponymy means the study of place names.

♥ The Solway Spaceman mystery involves a photograph of a child, taken by her father on a day out, that has a man in what seems to be a spacesuit standing behind her. It has never been discovered who or what the figure is.

Things That Wouldn’t Be Helpful in a Pub Quiz

♥ Talking to Rob while he’s asleep is actually the funniest thing.

♥ Buying the soundtrack to Pride will result in dance parties in my living room. Sometimes these will involve Anna and Isla, sometimes they will be solitary affairs. They will always be entertaining.

♥ Little Mix are a lot of fun to watch live.

♥ I seem to have developed something of an intolerance to Weetabix.

Things I Have Learned This Week 002

It’s time for another post that may or may not help you in a pub quiz.

Things That Would Be Helpful in a Pub Quiz

♥ The word orthoganal means of or involving right angles.

♥ All of the ants in the world weigh the same as 645,000,000 humans.

♥ Povitica is an Eastern European sweet bread, traditionally served at Christmas (and looks yummy).

♥ Kate Burton (of Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy fame) is the daughter of Richard Burton.

♥ The last debutantes were presented at court in 1958.

Things That Wouldn’t Be Helpful in a Pub Quiz

Happy Birthday Ruby is not a happy book.

♥ It’s impossible for me to watch Strictly Come Dancing without a smile on my face for the majority of it. (Except when Tess is making FUNNY JOKES. They don’t make me smile at all.)

♥ I love my best friend very much. (I didn’t learn that this week, it was just reiterated.)

♥ I don’t love The BFG as much as I feel I ought to.

♥ I will never stop finding C.J. Cregg saying “…crazy glued my phone!” funny.