A Streetcar Named Marge

“A Streetcar Named Marge” is the second episode of The Simpsons’ fourth season. It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on October 1, 1992. In the episode, Marge wins the role of Blanche DuBois in a musical version of Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire. Homer is apathetic to his wife’s acting pursuits, and Marge beings to see parallels between him and Stanley Kowalski, the play’s boorish lead male character. The episode contains a subplot in which Maggie Simpson attempts to retrieve her pacifier from a strict daycare attendant.

I am writing this blog to try and stave off the boredom and impending doom I am feeling at having to write an essay that is due tomorrow, that I am only 12.5% of the way through. Needless to say, it’s about A Streetcar Named Desire, and Death of a Salesman, and I am really struggling! I have a good plan, it’s just getting it all down on paper! And both plays are so depressing, I am tired of reading about rape, suicide and mental illness.

Also, because I am spectacularly unorganised, I have three more essays due next week that I haven’t done yet. Grr. I hate myself for leaving everything until the last minute.

Essays are over!

The good news today is that all of my essays for the year are submitted! I handed the last of them in yesterday, and it feels sooooo good. The last one I wrote, my Enlightenment one on Frankenstein, was dreadful, I am fairly sure that to pass it would expecting too much, but it’s done, and I’m sure I will get some points just for trying. Now I have to revise loads and try to pass the exam. I can’t wait until the day of that exam, because then my life will be Enlightenment-free forever. Unless I fail the year and have to repeat, a scenario I do not want to contemplate.

So I have been playing around with the layout of my blog, to try and make it more reader friendly. I don’t know why I bother, cos I don’t know that anyone reads it, but I want to keep it going, so when I go to America next year I can update this to let everyone know what I am doing! If anyone cares then either! I;m going to try and add a photo into this blog, just to see how well it works. I don’t have photoshop so I am trying to download a program that will let me adjust the size of the photos I want to include, otherwise they will just be too big and huge!

The sun is shining today, so I am going to go to the shops. Strictly speaking I should start revising, but I am giving myself a break because of the hard work I have been putting into my essays over the last week. I will start in earnest tomorrow. I have to start tomorrow, because I have my Spanish oral test on Tuesday and I haven’t started preparing for it yet! Oops.

So here goes for the photo:

Three photos actually, of the three of us wearing my Primark sunnies.

The New Deal

OK, so I am attempting another blog. I actually set one up the other day, but then this site went all weird on me, and I have absolutely no idea how to get back into it! So I thought I would just try again. As I said in my previous post on my other blog, I already have one on myspace, so I don’t really know why I need another one, but I want one, and this may become my primary one. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter, as not that many people read my blogs!

The reason for the title is that I am currently trying to write my History essay on the New Deal. Of course, right now, I am writing this, and not an essay at all, but I was doing it and I decided to take a break. My laptop was off, if it is on it just provides too much temptation (evidently), but I needed to check something for my essay on the internet and then I had to check facebook, and then myspace, and then the football scores, and then I had the idea of doing this, and well, here we are! I also have to write my Literature essay, which I haven’t even started doing any notes for, and they are now both due in less than a week. Oh dear. Hard work tomorrow I think. I plan to spend the entire day in the library, doing lots of reading, and then hopefully I can start writing them at the weekend.