The Good Luck Joes

The Good Luck Joes is a band originally from Michigan who now makes their home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Wikipedia)

I don’t really have that much to write, so I don’t really know why I am bothering! I have spent a nice weekend with Anna and Vicky, we watched a considerable amount of Dawson’s last night, so that was nice! It’s never a chore to watch Pacey! And we had lots of House/West Wing/CSI/Grey’s discussions, as we always do when we get together! I feel as though I am getting House withdrawal symptoms, because it has been almost a week since I watched any new episodes! That’s just no good! I have just one more disc to watch to finish Series 1! And then I will need to start Series 2, and then Series 3, but Series 4 is only just on the telly, so hopefully by the time I have finished Series 3, 4 will be out on DVD and I can be ready for Series 5 starting on the telly!

Wow, what an exciting life I lead!