34 Before 34

Every year I set myself a list of things to do between my birthdays. I achieved just nine from my 34 Before 34 list!

1. Learn all the words to Bohemian Rhapsody
2. Make my own sourdough starter
3. Watch all 54 Disney Animation Studio Films
4. Make my bedroom walls look pretty
5. Read ten non-fiction books
6. Have watched all ten films in the Box Office Top Ten
7. Teach myself to write legibly with my left hand
8. Watch Breaking Bad
9. Visit Liverpool
10. Do something amazing for charity
11. Enter a writing competition
12. Knit a blanket
13. Learn to crochet
14. Be a healthy/happy weight
15. Write ten letters to personal heroes
16. Run 5K
17. Try yoga
18. Learn to play poker
19. Record a podcast
20. Complete a Coursera course
21. Learn every world capital
22. Start a scrapbook/journal/diary
23. Get another tattoo
24. Go to ten museums
25. Film a second a day
26. Go to a theme park
27. Have a driving lesson
28. See a film outside
29. See a play at the National Theatre
30. Have afternoon tea
31. Watch ten films from 1982
32. Read a book for every letter of the alphabet
33. Have watched 15% of the films from  1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die
34. Bake 8 different tray bakes

33 Before33

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