31 Before 31

Every year I attempt a list of thing that I want to achieve before my birthday. I’ve done 28, 29 and 30, and this was 31 Before 31. I beat my previous record of eight by crossing off twelve!

1. Read 26 Books – one for each letter of the alphabet
2. Watch 12 new Hitchcock films
3. Learn to crochet
4. Bake 10 different biscuits
5. Go to the Book Barge
6. Play a sport
7. Visit a new British city
8. Visit the British Library
9. Go to the top of the London Monument
10. Learn every world capital
11. Be a healthy weight
12. Do something amazing for charity
13. Meet someone famous
14. Get a tattoo
15. Go to the cinema alone
16. Learn German
17. Write a letter to my MP
18. Complete a colouring book
19. Use a telescope
20. Have an international penfriend
21. Learn to play chess
22, Buy and learn the ukulele
23. Complete a cross stitch
24. Give blood
25. Start writing a novel
26. Visit my old school for a tour
27. Organise my photos into albums
28. Get further than D on Alphabet Weekends
29. Knit myself a jumper
30. Start a herb garden
31. Run 5K

7 thoughts on “31 Before 31

  1. I love these lists! I did 35 things in my 35th year a few yeas ago ( I’m 38 in June) and really loved the challenge. I didn’t get to 35 though, I think I made it to 33. The list is still on my blog though. Good luck with all of your plans – I’ll be really interested to see how you get on with your new list! Maybe I should do it again!

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