A semi-regular series in which I share a fact or three about myself.

I hate whales. Or rather, I’m sure they are lovely, but I have a weird phobia/fear of them that means I can’t watch them on television, or think about them, because they make me feel tiny and that makes my arms go tingly. I’ve written about it before, but it’s a vastness thing – they are too big, and my brain struggles to comprehend my relativity to them (the big ones obviously; I’m fine with orcas and the like). I’m similarly affected by really tall trees and space.

I’m a real fan of podcasts, and my time spent listening to them is the reason that my book totals for the past few years have been so low. I have my favourites: Wittertainment, The West Wing Weekly, Serial, Casefile etc. But I’m always, always up for discovering new podcasts, and I love finding something I can binge. I’ve tried to start a regular podcast post here on the blog, but I have managed one post so far. As is the case so often with series that I start on this blog.

I don’t subscribe to the theory that to love books you have to own books. I have a lot of books, but my house isn’t big enough to have beautiful bookshelves full of hundreds of books. Nor do I really have the money for that either. So I make extensive use of the library, and I try only to buy books that I will want the authors to sign. Maybe one day I’ll have a house that will fit more books in, but if not, I won’t mind too much.