Photo an Hour #50 ~ September 2017

Never let it be said that I don’t lead the most exciting life – here’s a random Saturday from a rainy day in September of last year, that sees me napping, reading, watching Jurassic Park and updating my iPad. I joke, but in all honesty, sometimes this is all I want do on a random day in September. Every weekend might get a bit boring like this, but sometimes it’s just the best.


9am ~ Well it’s Saturday morning, so of course I’m listening to Wittertainment.

10am ~ Well it’s Photo an Hour, so of course I have a photo of a wing mirror.


11am ~ Taking a look around my favourite farm shop, and photographing my favourite jam (Tiptree jam is the best).

12pm ~ Reading under a blanket could possibly be the best way to spend time.


1pm ~ I often end up putting Jurassic Park on just to pass the time; this was an accompaniment to lunch.

2pm ~ Back under the blanket with my book, and adding in a cup of tea.


3pm ~ I bought a candle from Good Book Hunting, and in case you’re wondering, it does smell exactly how I imagine Stars Hollow to smell.

4pm ~ Still reading. This book was Pax, by Sara Pennypacker (who has a great name), which I reviewed here.


6pm ~ The 5pm photo is missing (I suspect I fell asleep), but by 6 o’clock I was watching Pointless Celebrities and updating my iPad.

In case you’d like to play next time around, June’s day is set for 16th June – tomorrow. It’s really easy to join in, just take a photo each hour and upload it to Instagram using the hashtag, or save them for a blog post (or do both, like I try and fail to do in a timely manner). More details can be found here.

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