On it goes, the great Photo an Hour catch up, in which I always remain almost a year behind, with no real signs of ever catching up. On we go with August 2017.


9am ~ Instagram tells me that this was breakfast in a new bowl.

10am ~ Watching Endeavour while I get ready to go out. I love Endeavour.


11am ~ Instagram also tells me that this was a new bag. It was, of course, a Primark bargain. Especially bargainous given that it was labelled at £9 and I only paid £5.

12pm ~ Aren’t public transport photos so interesting?


1pm ~ Destination reached! We were headed to Mersea Island for the Regatta.

2pm ~ I so rarely take a photo of myself for a Photo an Hour photo, but when you are sitting in the same place for an extended period of time, and you want to avoid photos of strangers, sometimes you have to. And this is a nice smiley photo of Hannah and me.


3pm ~ I’m never entirely sure what a regatta entails, though there’s always lots going on on the water, and lots of people watching. I’m just there for the day out.

4pm ~ Regatta flags.


5pm ~ Back at the car, and on the way home.

6pm ~ Back home. I love going out for nice days with my friends, but I do so enjoy getting home.

In case you’d like to play next time around, June’s day is set for 16th June. It’s really easy to join in, just take a photo each hour and upload it to Instagram using the hashtag, or save them for a blog post (or do both, like I try and fail to do in a timely manner). More details can be found here.