Photo an Hour #41 ~ December 2016

December’s Photo an Hour fell on one of those days (as Photo an Hours often seem to) when I was doing nothing. Last year’s December was odd for me in that I had a couple of entire weekends where I didn’t have any plans; usually the weeks leading up to Christmas fill up really quickly and I end the month feeling totally overwhelmed and needing to spend a week on my own to recover. But luckily that wasn’t the case this year, and this was one of those days where I had a festive day doing not a lot at all.

Zoey Fools Around Advent Jar

8am | Waking up and reading is my favourite way to start the day, particularly in the winter! At this point I was reading a book I’d bought from eBay called Zoey Fools Around, the first in a YA series I read when I was a teenager. I want to reread the whole series so I’m in the process of trying to find them all.

9am | My friend Anna made an advent jar for the four of us in our group; she put challenges and festive ideas into it for us to open each day. I cannot remember what day 17 was!

wrapping paper Spotify Christmas Playlist

10am | Doing some wrapping to get some last minute gifts sent. I hate wrapping. I’m rubbish at it!

12pm | I had a phone issue at 11 while I was in the village, so missed an hour – by noon I was back at home, listening to a typically cheesy Christmas playlist while Hannah and I cleaned the kitchen.

Library Books 14

1pm | For basically all of my life, Saturdays have been library day. I don’t go every single week, but it always feels like a proper weekend when I do. These are the books that I grabbed on this particular Saturday.

2pm | Settled in front of the television, watching Hustle, and trying to resist the urge to eat an entire packet of biscuits. I’m fairly sure I resisted.

Love Always, Santa Christmas Tree

3pm | Still in front of the television – didn’t I say it was a lazy day? – with a terrible Channel 5 Christmas film on. It’s called Love Always, Santa, and it’s awful, but Christmas isn’t Christmas without at least one terrible Hallmark movie.

4pm | It’s hard to be inventive when you don’t move for an entire afternoon, but the Christmas tree is pretty, so I shared a photo of that.

Smithy Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special Shepherd's Pie

5pm | Christmas truly isn’t Christmas without watching the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special.

6pm | Time for dinner.

Strictly Come Dancing Final

7pm | Last photo of the day, and unfortunately I obviously didn’t realise I was on an odd number! It was the live final of Strictly, and it was a total disappointment for me, because I did not want Ore and Joanne to win. Even though I knew they were going to.

January’s Photo an Hour took place this weekend, so my round up will be up soon, and February’s will take place on a date soon to be decided. If you’d like a reminder as to when it will be taking place, please leave your email address here, and I’ll send you a reminder a couple of days in advance.


One thought on “Photo an Hour #41 ~ December 2016

  1. You are so close to catching up!

    I am determined to keep up with Photo-an-hour this year! I really missed it last year. Even if it’s a Sunday, I will join in haha!

    Ah, wrapping gifts is my favourite bit about Christmas, last year I didn’t get to as we had a gift bag and the other gift we shipped directly to the person so it was wrapped in a box from Amazon.

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