Photo an Hour #38 ~ September 2016

My plan was to get all up to date with my Photo an Hour posts in time for the November date, which is tomorrow. Unfortunately this is the penultimate post in my frantic catching up – this is September, so I still have to share October with you!

September’s Photo an Hour fell on the 24th September, but in spite of all my hopes for a lovely autumn day, it was ridiculously hot. I was haring around Colchester trying to get various things done, and I ended up shedding various pieces of clothing, and wishing I could shed more!

fullsizerender fullsizerender-1

7am | An early start because I had stupidly booked a hair appointment at 8am!

8am | Waiting outside the hairdressers.

fullsizerender-2 fullsizerender-3

10am | I missed 9am, as I was in the hairdressers, but by 10am I was in Marks and Spencer’s browsing the selection of fizzy alcohol. I was buying a wedding present for a work colleague, and I managed to get a rather large bottle of prosecco (amongst other things).

11am | This photo reminds me that the wool I bought on this trip to the wool shop was for a dragon that I still haven’t finished! I really must get better at seeing things through.

fullsizerender-4 fullsizerender-5

12pm | By this point I had escaped the high street but was still shopping, in Staples. (RIP Staples)

1pm | Finally home, and despite having been complaining about the heat merely two hours earlier, by this point I was under a blanket on the sofa, watching Gilmore Girls!

fullsizerender-6 fullsizerender-7

2pm | Out again, because neither Hannah or I can resist the lure of a supermarket.

3pm | Back home, and watching a film – Blue Jasmine.

fullsizerender-8 fullsizerender-9

4pm | Still watching Blue Jasmine, and taking the opportunity to update my films spreadsheet, which is one of my favourite things.

5pm | Out again! We went a-foraging, for sloe berries (I think), as Hannah’s granddad is making her some sloe gin. I also procured some blackberries, and, if memory serves, I made a blackberry and apple crumble with them.

fullsizerender-10 fullsizerender-11

6pm | Watching Pointless Celebrities. When I posted this on Instagram, Rebecca, one of my fellow Photo an Hour-ers, commented: “I always think of you when I see Pointless thanks to Photo an Hour!” It has popped up more than anything else, I think, in my years of doing this. Except maybe Wittertainment.

7pm | Still on the sofa, watching Strictly and shopping for a dress for a wedding.


Another fairly boring but typical Saturday, but at least there are no in-the-car shots this time! Don’t forget that you can join in with Photo an Hour if my fabulous day here has you inspired! We’re playing tomorrow – Saturday 19th November – just take a photo every hour, and either upload them using #photoanhour, or gather them together and add them to a post (or do both!).

You can find more details here, or you can add your email to this form and I’ll endeavour to send you a reminder a couple of days in advance.

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