35 Before 35 ~ Part II


On with the list!

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14. Knit a piece of clothing
As I actually achieved my knitting goal last year, I thought it was time to step it up slightly, and actually try and make something I can wear. I’m thinking a cardigan or a jumper, rather than a scarf or a hat!

15. Watch ten films from 1982
This was on last year’s list, but although I made a list of films that I could watch, I didn’t actually get around to watching any of them. I want them to be films that I haven’t seen before, which adds another level of difficulty, but I’m definitely going to tick this one off this year!

16. Read ten non-fiction books
Another one from last year that didn’t happen, but I have done it in a previous birthday list, and I know it’s entirely possible. I am always seeing non-fiction books that I want to read, but rarely get around to them.

17. Visit the Warner Bros. Studio Tour
I’ve been to the studio tour before, but that was before my friend Hannah had watched the series, and so now I want to go back with her! There’s also a lot of stuff that wasn’t there when I went the first time, so it will be a new experience for me as well.

18. Save up for and buy a camera
I pretty much use my phone exclusively for photos, and while that’s fine for snapshots, I would like a nice camera as well. My dad has one that he lends me from time to time, but I want one for my own. It probably won’t be a big old DSLR, but I want something better than a point and click. This will take some saving, which is fine, as I love saving up for something I really want.

19. Make some pin displays
My latest obsession is enamel pins; I follow so many designers on Instagram and I end up buying them with a couple of clicks – I probably need to stop doing that. But for the ones I do have, and the future ones I will inevitably buy, I need somewhere better to store them, as they are currently just in a little box on my dressing table. I have ideas, so I’ll hopefully be implementing them very soon.

20. Go to the theatre
Another slight cheat on this one, as I have tentative plans for a theatre trip in the next few months. Ideally, I would like to be heading off to the Palace Theatre to see the Cursed Child, but that probably isn’t going to happen.

21. Make a photo display
Last year I put ‘Make my bedroom walls pretty’ on my list, and ticked it off, just about. Now I want to arrange my photos in some sort of display on my wall that looks good, though I’m not sure exactly what I want to do. I’m hitting up Pinterest for ideas!

22. Have a day out in ‘Hidden’ London
I was scouring lists of things to do in London, and it occurred to me that I don’t explore ‘hidden’ London very often – there are loads of things on different lists that are super cool, and completely ignored by me. So I’m going to take a day and just look around some slightly different areas of the city.

23. Visit Bettys in York
This is one that I’m probably not going to achieve – I know that’s a defeatist attitude right at the outset, but I’ve put it on because I really want to do it, without thinking that I actually will. Bloggers are always going to Bettys, and it looks so nice and quaint and blogger-ish that I want to go. If I’m in the area, I’m heading straight there.

24. Crochet a granny square
‘Learn to crochet’ pops up again and again on my lists, so this time I’m going for a very achievable aim – just to crochet one granny square.

25. Have watched 40 of the Film4 Top 50 Musicals list
So far, I’ve watched 22 of this list, so watching another 18 shouldn’t be too difficult. Normally, what happens is that I leave this goal until the end of October, and then have to watch all 18 inside two weeks. I’m going to try not to do that this time, and with subscriptions to rather a lot of film services, I’m hoping to get this ticked off soon!

I haven’t managed to divide this list very equally – I have just ten more goals to reveal, so Part III will be up tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “35 Before 35 ~ Part II

  1. Good luck with all of these! I went to Betty’s for the first time a couple of weeks ago (the fact I’d never been before, for a girl who grew up in Yorkshire, is tantamount to treason) and I have to admit I loved it! I totally see what the fuss is about, the food was amazing and the service was great too. Definitely a good one for a treat.

    1. It’s good to know that the Bettys thing isn’t just hype – I don’t know that I’ll make it to York in the next twelve months, but if I do, I’ll head straight there!

  2. I think I’d like to read some more non-fiction. I quite enjoy non-fiction audiobooks, but it has to be something I’m really interested in. The last one I read was Stiff by Mary Roach, I really enjoyed that style of writing.

    Hmm, maybe I’ll have to spend some of my Audible credits on some new non-fiction books.

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