Looking Back ~ October 2016

October was a busy month. So busy that I didn’t actually have time to blog about September, because I was far too busy having lots of fun. For the most part.

It was the month of two weddings, a holiday, the biggest work event of the year, and birthdays. I always knew that it was going to be stressful, when my niece told me that she was getting married in Spain a week before I left for the aforementioned massive work event. Looking back, I’m able to just enjoy the memories of a lovely holiday and a beautiful wedding. But while it was happening, although it was fun, it was hard!



But to start at the very beginning (a very good place to start), the month more or less began with a different wedding; that of my university friends Montanna and Ryan. Their’s is one of my favourite love stories – they met on the first day of university, became the best of friends, but took a while to get together. She had to go to Canada on a year abroad to realise she was in love with him, and he went out to see her on a moment’s notice, and the rest is history. Their wedding was beautiful, and I had a lovely time, until I had to get back from the middle of Surrey due to a broken down car, and the journey was fairly hellish!




The main event of the month though, was the wedding of my niece (I know, right?) in Nerja, Spain. It was a very fleeting visit, I was only there from Wednesday night to Sunday night, but I’m very glad to have gone! It’s a really pretty town, and the wedding itself took place in a beautiful old Catholic church. I got to spend lots of time with my sister and her family, and my dad, none of whom I see that often now I live so much further away. It was a lovely four days!

Unfortunately, the timing of the wedding meant that I had to miss three days of work in the lead up to our biggest event of the year. It was unavoidable, but it did mean a lot of work had to be caught up on in the short time I had at my desk between getting back and leaving for the show! But it was a great event, hugely successful, and a good time was had by all!


Post-show relaxation has only been interrupted by a couple of social events (this is most social I have been in the space of a month ever, I think!) – the wedding party at home to celebrate with people who couldn’t make it to Spain, and a birthday party for my best friends little ones, who turn one and three within a week of each other. For someone who likes being at home, this month has been a challenge, and I’m not going to lie, I’ve done a fair amount of stress-crying. But it was a very happy month, celebrating and having lots of fun! Roll on November! (When I’ll be hibernating for a large part of the month.)

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