Photo an Hour #31 ~ February 2016

Taking just a week to post February’s Photo an Hour is such a vast improvement on last month, I feel proud of myself!

My day was pretty uneventful, though Hannah and I did go to see a flat/bungalow/cottage that we thought might be suitable to move into, and now, a week later, we’re pretty much all set to move in! Until things are completely finalised I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed, but in the meantime, I absolutely should be packing rather than writing this blog post…

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9am | In bed, watching videos. I get quickly sucked into pages like Proper Tasty! I’m planning on making these Sweet and Salty Pretzel Cakes at some point.

10am | I had picked up some library books on the day before, and I cracked open Disclaimer by Renee Knight. I’ve since finished it, and I enjoyed it a lot.

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11am | Only the most interesting photos for you, Photo an Hour followers! It’s a washing up photo, and not even a particularly good one.

12pm | Taking photos in the care nearly always end up with me taking a photo of myself in the wing mirror. Not this time! I added in my watch for some added interest.

12705288_1100852543267324_8448360187511604905_n 12733969_1100880559931189_2876117575909643101_n

1pm | My December Photo an Hour included a coffee with Hannah and her Nanna, and the February one did too! I had cream on my hot chocolate, which I absolutely did not need.

2pm | One of two Morrisons that we visited, primarily looking for boxes we could use for packing (their banana boxes are perfect), but we also checked out the meat-free range for Hannah while we were there.

12717304_1100906489928596_4818292855635661839_n 12745519_1100938276592084_8905116584623995996_n

3pm | Hannah’s car has a delighted face built into the dashboard.

4pm | Another highly interesting photo! Some time at the laundrette, as our tumble drier is malfunctioning, and drying clothes inside is my least favourite thing.

12742853_1100953169923928_4606624696584388730_n 1655912_1100976316588280_6726319668190760238_n

5pm | This turned into a three-supermarket day, as I had to pick up some bits in Sainsbury’s.

6pm | Finally home, under a duvet, watching Pride. I was so happy with life at this point.

12717693_1101010896584822_8258870181563349156_n 10426781_1101045653248013_6174639799673757343_n 

7pm | Still under the duvet, still watching Pride, but now drinking tea.

8pm | I made this my final photo, because otherwise it just would have become me under a duvet watching telly for the next few hours! Jaws was a good choice, but I have to fast forward the bit where Quint drags his fingers down the blackboard.

So as you can see, not a very exciting day! But I like Saturdays where I don’t do much, especially if I’ve had a few in a row where I’ve been especially busy.

Louisa will be rounding up the February Photo an Hour, so head over to Duck in a Dress to check that out. If you’d like to be added to the reminder list, I send out an email a couple of days before each month’s specified day, so sign up here to receive it.

6 thoughts on “Photo an Hour #31 ~ February 2016

  1. Yay for new homes!

    Boo, for three supermarket visits in one day. I applaud your determination, I can hardly stand to go do the single Friday evening visit we do each week… let alone more.

  2. I totally agree with the love for lazy Saturdays – I’ve just had such a Saturday and it was brilliant! Very jealous of the cream/hot chocolate combo. I finally got around to posting February’s Photo an Hour today… Oops!

    Liz x
    Distract Me Now Please

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