Wow, Christmas really got in the way of this post! It’s almost time for the January Photo an Hour, and I’m only just updating December.

The day that I picked for last month was the last Saturday before Christmas, and turned out to be the day of our Christmas party at work. We went along to a dinner and disco that was 80s themed, and though I didn’t want to go all out 80s, I did end up with big-ish hair, bright-ish eye shadow, lace gloves and legwarmers. As a result of a party, this month’s Photo an Hour has a lot more people in it than usual, as usually I’m just sitting on the sofa working out five different ways to take a photo of a television!


9am ~ A fairly late start, because when it’s going to be a long day of getting ready, the last thing you want to do is leap out of bed at 7am! So I lounged in bed for a while, reading my book.

10am ~ My bedroom is constantly a mess, and Christmas didn’t help, with presents and bags everywhere. So I was attempting to tidy up just slightly.


11am ~ A trip to the Post Office to collect a parcel, which turned out to be my Thrifty Christmas Swap!

12pm ~ Off out in the car.


1pm ~ A festive drink in Costa with Hannah and her Nanna. This was the Fudge Hot Chocolate, if I remember rightly. I seem to remember it being just a little too sickly for my liking, even if it did look pretty.

2pm ~ Back home, and setting things up for that evening. We had most of the office over to ours for a drink before we got cabs to the party.


3pm ~ Doing something/anything with my hair takes quite a lot of work, and at this stage I still didn’t really have any idea what I wanted to do with it!

4pm ~ My friend Laura arrived to get ready, and she brought with her Snowballs, because Hannah and I had never tried them. I can’t say that they are my favourite drinks ever!


5pm ~ This is where the face photos start! We had to leave at about 6.15, so of course, by 5pm, I was ready to leave. I’m nothing if not eternally early.

6pm ~ Me and my friend Lucy. I have just realised that she is pouting in this photo, so I’m obviously going to have to have serious words with her (SAY NO TO POUTING)

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7pm ~ By this time, following a slightly snafu with the taxis, we were at the venue, and dismayed to find that not that many people appeared to be dressed up!

8pm ~ And by this time, the wine had started to flow. I didn’t actually end up drinking that much, by design, because I don’t really like myself drunk that much, and I have been known to go very overboard at such events. I didn’t drink anything other than the wine on the table, and not that much of that.


9pm ~ Tom and I sat next to each other, and he was dressed in an amazing retro cream suit that he’d raided from his dad’s wardrobe.

10pm ~ When it came to my 10 o’clock photo, Tom thought it would be a good idea to simply recreate the nine o’clock photo, and I was just about tipsy enough to go along with it.


11pm ~ Laura was most put out that I used up two hours on Tom, so she muscled in on my 11 o’clock photo.

11pm ~ This is a total cheat, because it’s actually another 11 o’clock photo. Again, I was just about tipsy enough to be all “I don’t want to have to take another photo in an hour to get to an even  number!” So (another) Laura and I did this, so we had a photo of each other.

A slightly different type of Photo an Hour this month then, which is nice! Louisa has long since rounded up the December offerings from the gang, and set a date for January, which is next weekend! Saturday 16th January will see me flying to Reykjavik, so chances of me being able to upload on the hour are less than good, but I’ll certainly give it a go. And if I can’t, there will be a prompt blog post to follow, for sure!

Don’t forget, if you’d like a timely reminder that Photo an Hour is approaching, you can sign up here, and I’ll send you an email.