I can’t believe I’m up to 28 Photo an Hour posts! It never gets boring for me, and I do truly love doing it as a part of the group. I feel as though I’ve got to know some lovely people through Photo an Hour, and I really look forward to seeing everyone’s photos every month. A special mention for Kerri from Crumbs in the Bed who last month snuck in a little photo of a marriage proposal at 3pm! I managed to miss it because I was so bad at reading last month’s posts, but I spotted it last week – massive congratulations to Kerri and Kris!

So this month’s designated day for Photo an Hour found me doing not an awful lot. I feel as though I haven’t had a weekend ‘off’ for ages – since the middle of October I’ve had something planned for at least one day of every weekend. Of course, other than one of those weekends, all of this stuff has been fun, social plans, but it did get to the point where I just felt like I needed a weekend off. And that happened to be this weekend, finally.

0900 1000

9am | A very grey and wet day had me thinking how nice it would be to stay in bed and read all day!

10am | But I wanted to have a look around some charity shops, so Hannah and I headed into Sudbury for a potter.

1100 1200

11am | We popped into the church for a look at a little craft fair, and the stained glass window was nice, so I tried to snap a picture. Not a great one, unfortunately!

12pm | Despite telling myself that I definitely, definitely have enough books, I couldn’t resist these four in some of the charity shops we looked around.

1300 1400

1pm | We stopped for some lunch in a pub, and I asked for a diet lemonade. When I was told that they didn’t have any, I said, “Oh, diet coke then please.” Then I got this. Clearly a normal lemonade. This kind of thing happens to me far more often than the average person, I’m sure.

2pm | Not the sexiest of stationery shots, but we were in Staples, the least sexy stationery shop.

1500 1600

3pm | Watching Star Wars. I didn’t let on when I posted the photo, but it was Episode 1. I know, I know. But I want to do a full rewatch before The Force Awakens, and I can’t watch the original trilogy first, because if I do, I’ll never watch the prequels.

4pm | Photo an Hour gets a bit awkward when you are sat on the sofa in the same position for three hours (or more). So I had to get a bit creative, and four o’clock found me flicking through the Photo an Hour hashtag on Instagram. Snow, cats, baby bumps, dresses, cows and patterns. We’re not a boring bunch!

1700 1800

5pm | Our Christmas party this year has an 80s theme, and we’re planning to dress up. I don’t really want to go for the full day-glo tutu and legwarmers combo, so I’m planning a pretty dress and some awesome hair and makeup. Pinterest is helping with the ideas.

6pm | As well as the charity shop book buys from earlier in the day, I also picked up a few Judy Blumes from the library. I started Deenie straightaway, whilst lying under a blanket on the sofa.

1900 2000

7pm | We had to nip out to the shop to get something delicious to eat, so we delayed the start of Strictly.

8pm | Still watching Strictly, but with a game on the go on my iPad. I decided to give it a rest at this point, having pushed the sitting-in-the-same-place-for-the-majority-of-the-day photos to the limit.

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Thanks once more to everyone for joining in – if I’ve missed anyone out, please do let me know! If you’re looking at this post and thinking that it looks like fun (it is, I promise), the next Photo an Hour-a-long will take place on 19th December (I know Elise was hoping for Boxing Day, but I just think I’ll completely forget to take photos!). As you can see, it’s as easy as uploading a photo every hour to Instagram or Twitter (using #photoanhour), or saving them up and popping them in a blog post, or both! If you’d like a reminder closer to the time, I send out a monthly email, and you can sign up for that right here.