Book Blog Tour ~ The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Lisa Dickenson

tdocFollowing a disastrous date with her boyfriend Seth, Claudia finds herself suddenly single, and The Twelve Dates of Christmas tells the festive story of Claudia’s attempts to mend her broken heart. She finds herself going on a number of dates with varying degrees of success, until she finally realises that the romance she has been looking for might have been a little closer to home than she previously thought.

This is the first book I’ve read by Lisa Dickenson, though I understand she’s a popular writer of the romantic comedy novel. I enjoyed this a lot; I stand by the assertion that while you are never in any doubt as to the way this kind of story is going, the story around the central romance has to be interesting and engaging enough to set it apart. And The Twelve Dates of Christmas achieves that. Claudia is an engaging central character; she’s slightly infuriating at times, particularly when she jumps to all the wrong conclusions. But well-written characters have to have flaws, to make them identifiable, and in the end, this makes them that much more likeable.

I don’t always like novels that are so specifically themed, in terms of Christmas, but it plays a part here, with the festive countdown playing its part in Claudia’s ultimate romantic destiny. The Twelve Dates of Christmas is a wholly enjoyable story that brings engaging characters to life in a way that almost guarantees a sequel further down the line!

The Twelve Dates of Christmas
First published: 22nd October 2015
ISBN: 9780751557299
Review copy provided by publisher


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