Mix CD swap

Mix CD swap

I’m like most bloggers; I love getting post, and I love a blog swap. Ages and ages ago, I joined in with a Mix CD swap through a US blog that I can’t remember the name of, and it was such fun, that I did it a couple of times subsequently with a lovely blogger from Texas. This is my attempt to set up something similar, and see how many people are interested in joining in!

I don’t know how many people actually make mix CDs any more, but I love the idea of making someone a CD with songs on it that I think they might like. Obviously the tradition goes back to mix tapes, and there’s something quite touching about someone taking the time to make something like that!

The basic idea of the swap would be thus; you sign up by leaving a comment with your name and a brief outline of your musical tastes. I pair you up with someone, and then you make a CD filled with songs you think they will like!

I’m thinking that it would be good to have a theme, so I’m going with autumn. Of course, as a theme it’s quite broad, and there are probably hundreds of songs that could work for it.

So, if you are interested, please leave a comment with the following information:

  • Your name and email address (if you’d prefer not to make your email address public, just email me isthatyoudarling@hotmail.co.uk)
  • Where in the world you are, and if you would prefer to swap with someone in the same country (I’m not sure how international this is going to be, but just in case!)
  • Your favourite genres of music
  • Your favourite all-time song

If I get enough interest, I’ll email everyone with their partners the week beginning 28th September. Please spread the word; if you know anyone who might be interested in joining in, please let them know!


7 thoughts on “Mix CD swap

  1. Hi Jane!

    I’d totally be interested! This sounds like so much fun.

    I live in Las Vegas, Nevada USA.
    Email: vebyjg@gmail.com
    Favorite genres: Indie, alternative, folk, grunge, country
    Favorite song of all time: One Head Light by the Wallflowers


  2. I’m so up for this! (Jane has my real email address)

    I live in Southend in Essex, UK

    Favourite genres: Almost anything – acoustic rock, country, jazz, soul, pop, dance, modern disco, 70s funk etc etc

    Favourite song of all time: impossible to answer – it changes every week. Currently it’s Herbie Hancock’s I Thought It Was You . Last week it was Gypsy by Fleetwod Mac. The week before it was Mrs Robinson by Frank Sinatra. Before that it was Over You by Supertramp.

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  4. Lovely idea! I’ll have to think about if I can take part, I don’t even own a cd writer anymore, just looked at my laptop and was like “omg I never noticed that before!!”

  5. I’d love to! I live in the UK, happy to ship anywhere.
    cathlouiseelms AT gmail dot com.
    Favourite genres: dark cabaret, hard rock, metal, grunge, alt rock
    Favourite song: so many – either Push Button by Stolen Babies, or Girl Anachrknism by the Dresden dolls.

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