A Fresh Start


A Fresh Start

I feel as though I write these sorts of posts all too regularly, though I’m not sure if I actually do, or if I write them in my head!

This is going to be one of those ‘Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, I’m going to be much better from now’ type of posts. I don’t suppose they are of that much interest to people, but I’m trying to remind myself that ultimately, I do write my blog for me!

It’s hard to admit, but recently I’ve sort of fallen out of love with blogging, and everything that comes along with it. I see what other bloggers have to say about blogging as a whole, and overall, I don’t consider myself a part of that world. I don’t want to cast accusations and aspersions, but blogging will always be about writing and a space of my own on the internet for me, rather than seeking out opportunities, and I want to ‘surround’ myself with bloggers who share this mindset.

I haven’t been reading blogs as much as I once did, either, but part of my fresh start means having a proper clear out of my Feedly and filling it with the blogs I actually care about; not the ones I feel I should be reading, but the ones I look forward to reading.

I have plans for the blog, but before I can put any of them into place, I have to get a bit more organised. I am terrible for pushing deadlines to the limit, and doing things in such a slapdash way that sometimes they don’t get done at all. I’m going to set aside actual times for blogging, and set up a proper calendar. As I implied, this isn’t an attempt to make my blog the biggest and bestest, it’s an attempt to make it more of what I want it to be!

So, with hope, there will be some more regular posting around here, and hopefully it will be things you are interested in reading about!

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