‘Get a tattoo’ wasn’t on my very first birthday list, but it was on my second, and has been on every one since. Given that I’m on sixth list, you can see how long this was has been hanging around, so I am thrilled that I have finally ticked it off!

When I first thought about the idea of a tattoo, I just wanted one, because I liked the idea of them. I think the reason that it has taken me so long, from that initial thought, is that I didn’t really have any idea of what I might like to get. Way back when, I wrote a blog post with a few ideas of designs that I quite liked the idea of, but nothing really stuck, so I didn’t do anything about it.

Fast forward a few years, and when two of my siblings got tattoos that were in memory of our mum, I quite liked the idea of doing it, but didn’t really know what to do. I’m not the sort of person to get ‘Mum’ tattooed on me in any way, and I was struggling to come up with anything else.

When I thought about what meant most to my mum, all I could come up with was her children. I’m one of six children, and the idea of getting a tattoo that recognised my siblings and my mum (and dad) stuck, and because I’m a bit of a loser about even numbers, the number six just seemed to work.

So when my friends Hannah and Lucy decided to book in for a spur of the moment tattoo, I decided to get in on the action. We booked the appointments on the Monday, and had the tattoos done on the Saturday! Nice and quick, so not too much time to think about it, and all I had to do was decide on exactly what I wanted. I toyed with the idea of a six in another numerical system, like Roman numerals, or something similar, but ultimately I really like the shape of the number six, and I just went for it!

If you know me but at all, you’ll know that this is my ‘I’m pretty nervous but I’m trying to be totally cool about the whole thing’ look. I was really apprehensive, though about what, I’m not really sure. I knew that it wasn’t going to hurt an awful lot, but I think I was worried about the permanency of it. I really didn’t want to regret it!

It’s actually a little smaller than I probably would have preferred it; I was imagining it a little bigger. But in the same way as I find it really hard to tell a hairdresser exactly what I want, I couldn’t actually articulate to the tattoo artist that I wanted that; when he suggested that I didn’t want it too big, I found myself agreeing with him, even though what I wanted to say was ‘Maybe a little bit bigger?’ But ultimately I’m really pleased with it. I think it’s very me, and I love that it’s just there, waiting to be spotted, but not in anybody’s face.

Now that I’ve had one, I already have at least three more that I want, but I can’t decide where on my body I would get them. My feet and ankles are probably my preferred areas for now; while I think they look great on other people’s upper arms, I just don’t think that’s for me. I’ll keep you posted on any future ink adventures I take!

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