Spreading the blog love 

♥ Janet wrote very eloquently about the ways you can protest if the general election didn’t go the way you were hoping.

♥ Charlotte is learning a new language, and making me want to as well! (This link is a bit older, because I’m way behind with my blog reading.)

♥ Jasmin provided seven handy tools to help improve your blog.

♥ Rachael posted about her London cross stitch, and as a result my finger is hovering over the buy button on the New York equivalent!

The rest of the web

♥ This video of a (albeit computer-generated) skeleton doing yoga reminds me how amazing our bodies are!

♥ Everything about the ocean terrifies me, but I’m trying to force myself to look at more photos and watch more documentaries about it, so I can be less scared. These photos of underwater creatures, by Jorge Cervera Hauser, are incredible, if daunting

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Three worders

Tuesday ~ Slow TV – really?

Wednesday ~ Entirely productive day

Thursday ~ Feels like Friday