Day 1 ~ Blog Every Day in May

Well here we are again. It’s time for another ‘Blog Every Day…’ challenge, and I’ve been foolish enough to sign up again. I say foolish, because even though I love these challenges, I put myself under far too much pressure to complete them.

The sensible part of my brain thought, “May is a busy month for you, and you’ll never do it.” At the same time, the idealistic part of my brain thought, “But it’s so much fun, and if I try to avoid that self-imposed pressure, I’ll be fine.” As such, at 11.30pm on 1st May, I signed up and gave myself half an hour to write post number one!

If you’re interested in finding out more about BEDM, it’s the brainchild of the excellent Elizabeth from Rosalilium. All is explained in her post here

The prompt for today is ‘Introduce Yourself’. I love reading ‘x facts about me posts’, and presuming I can think of enough things, here are five facts about me. 

  • I work for an events and publishing company, primarily for yoga and vegan titles and events. My job is pretty varied, but officially, I’m in press and promotions. 
  • I’ve only recently moved out of home, at the ripe age of 32. I now live in a flat with my friend Hannah, who I also work with. 
  • I like stories. Primarily, this means I’m a voracious reader, but anything with a story – film, television, drama – makes my heart happy. 
  • Not to overstate things, but my best day ever was 20th September 2015. As someone without a children or a partner of their own, I feel comfortable saying that seeing one of the best films of my adult life on the same day that my celebrity hero picked me out the crowd is my best day ever. 
  • I’m a sister to five people, and I like that I am. I like being a daughter, an auntie, a friend, but I think I like being a sister best of all. 

So time marches on, and I won’t feel as though I’ve started this challenge properly if I have to hit publish after midnight (remember what I said about self-imposed pressure?). Thus, with total awareness that this isn’t the prettiest looking post, or the most fantastically written, I’m starting BEDM. 

9 thoughts on “Day 1 ~ Blog Every Day in May

  1. I’m also doing BEDM. It’s my first time this year! I’ve done NaBloPoMo 4 times before, but I’ve never done the 31 day thing.

  2. Good luck with #BEDM! This month is so busy for me, I’ve no idea how I’ll manage it but I’m going to at least give it a go.

    1. Giving it a go is what it’s all about, and getting out of the blogging rut is what my primary motivation is. I already feel better about my blogging three days in, so it’s definitely working!

    1. I met Simon Mayo! Ha – pathetic I know, but he’s my number one famous person, so meeting him, and having him ‘recognise’ me, was pretty special!

    1. Total madness, particularly as I have two working weekends away. Argh! We’ll get there though, we always do! Looking forward to reading your posts!

  3. Go you for starting! I tried and failed at Blogmas… I’m just not into blogging every day. I also find it clogs my feedly up and I miss peoples posts if too many join in with blog every day challenges haha. Luckily I think there’s just you and Louisa that I going for every day in May!

    Good luck!

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