Five {Pancake Toppings} I’m Loving Right Now

It’s Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, or Mardi Gras; whatever you choose to call it, it basically gives you licence to eat. Which is nice, because I don’t really need any encouragement to eat, but when the name of the food is in the day of celebration, you can’t really argue with that.

I don’t always get around to eating pancakes on Pancake Day. The truth of the matter is that I get bored of them really, really quickly, so after one and a half, I’m done. I probably won’t even end up having any today, but I’ll just defer my eating to another day, possibly at the weekend, and I’ll be having at least one of these toppings when I do.


These days, it seems Nutella is pretty much everyone’s go-to pancake topping, and I’m no different. I could easily eat Nutella out of the jar, but as that’s probably frowned upon, I usually try and eat it like an adult, with something. I had Nutella on pancakes at my friend Lucy’s house fairly recently, when it was World Nutella Day. They were so yummy that there’s no reason not to repeat that.

Lemon and Sugar

This might be considered the more boring option these days, but it’s what I am used to – we never had chocolate spread or peanut butter or anything fancy when I was growing up, it was always lemon and sugar. I love the Jif lemons that you can still buy, and so this is definitely always still an option for me.

Banana and Peanut Butter

I can be a bit weird around a banana – even a hint of squishiness, and I’m out of there. But as long as the bananas are firm, combining them with peanut butter is a sure winner. Peanut butter is a bit like Nutella in that sense – I can pretty much eat it at any given moment. 

Ice Cream and any sauce

I love ice cream, especially when it’s paired with something hot. Ice cream and apple crumble is the best, y’all. So adding it to the top of a pancake straight out of the pan is a winner, and then drizzling over chocolate sauce, or raspberry sauce, or maple syrup is the way to go. it leads to the inevitable weirdness of eating ice cream with a fork, but that’s easily ignored.

Any Fruit

If you’re trying to be good, fruit is a good way to go, particularly if you drizzle with some sort of sauce. Which probably negates the good, but you know, nobody wants a dry pancake. I’ve actually been using a sugar alternative in my tea a bit recently, after Clark’s sent some Carob Fruit Syrup to my office to encourage us to join their Swap Your Sugar challenge, so maybe that’s a good option for my pancakes too.

I know there’s a school of thought that suggests you can go savoury with your pancakes, but it’s not one I subscribe to. I’m all about the sweet, so there’s not a vegetable or a sausage in sight here!

What do you have on your pancakes?

I know this might read like a sponsored post, but it’s really not. I just spotted the Clarks on my desk while I was writing it!

6 thoughts on “Five {Pancake Toppings} I’m Loving Right Now

  1. I’m a big maple syrup fan myself if i’m making them, but if i’m getting some out at my favorite pancake place it’s always something fruity!

  2. I LOVE pancakes and generally we eat them for weeks after pancake day… they we kindo forget they exist and then it’s pancake day again and suddenly we love them again!

    We’re lemon and sugar fans all over. I did make a nutella and raspberry one last night but I’m not too keen on the nutella… I have to be in the mood for it. Never thought of peanut butter though.

    I really need to buy some more eggs…

  3. On pancake day, sugar and lemon allll the way. First savoruy pancakes, filled with mince and veg, then sugar & lemon ones for dessert. If it’s not pancake day other toppings are allowed. No peanut butter though, because Jan is allergic! Hot raspberries always go down well 🙂

  4. We had a pancake binge on the big day, savoury (ham and cheese) for main course and then sweet (lemon and sugar for him, chocolate and banana for me) for pudding. I always say afterwards, “we should eat these more often” but do I get round to eating them the rest of the year? Of course not. 🙂 xx

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