When I put ‘Go to ‘BBC Broadcasting House for a tour’ on my 32 Before 32 list, I wasn’t entirely sure it was actually going to happen. I always hope for the best with these things, but my track record isn’t great. Then, I booked tickets to see a screening of Jeremy with Mark Kermode, and as I was going to be in London anyway, I thought I would take the opportunity to go to the BBC, and actually tick something off my list!

I was initially going to go on my own, but then when I thought about it, I knew that it would be more fun with friends, so I asked Anna and Rob to come along with me. All of the photos that you see here are courtesy of Rob; he always has his camera with him, and he takes excellent photos. He sometimes takes a little bit of time to make the photos available for public viewing, but let’s forgive him for that.

Before we went in, we did a spot of geocaching (it was Anna’s first time).

The BBC newsroom.

Rob read the news, and was very good at it too!

In the One Show studio! We sat in Alex and Matt’s seats, and I had to quickly park my bum on the guest seat too. Imagine how many famous bums have sat on that seat!


Rob also volunteered (or was volunteered) for a role in a radio play. He played the butler, and stole the show!

As you can probably see from my face in most of the photos, I had a lovely time. I’m a big fan of the BBC, and it’s an institution with a lot of history, so it was great to have a look around. There was also the opportunity for a bit of celeb-spotting; I saw Richard Bacon before we went in, and then we saw Sophie Raworth going into the building (Rob missed her, and we were gutted for him, because he loves her!). We then missed seeing Matt LeBlanc by mere seconds (very annoying!), and then while I was hanging around outside by myself trying to kill some time before I had to get over to see Jeremy (and definitely not trying to spot any radio DJs that might be making their way to work), Stephen McGann, of McGann brother and Call the Midwife fame walked passed me singing a song. So that was nice.

But obviously I didn’t just go because I wanted to spot some BBC faces; I love television and everything that goes with it, so it was great to get inside the home of a world famous institution. I might just go again, because my sister was quite jealous when I told her I was going. It’s only £13.75 (with a booking fee on top), so it’s not overly expensive, and I think it’s well worth it!

30. Go to Broadcasting House for a tour