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A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to go and see Derren Brown’s show, Infamous, at the Cliffs Pavilion in Southend. I’m fairly new to the whole Derren Brown thing, having only really cottoned on to how totally fabulous he is at some point last year, when I binge watched Trick or Treat with Anna, and then went through all of his live shows on DVD. When Anna found out that he was going on tour and that tour was coming to Southend, where she lives, we decided we had to go, so she booked seven tickets and then we waited. And waited, and waited. Seriously, it took so long for the day to come around, but it finally did at the end of May!

Writing about the details of the show is strictly forbidden. Or, at least, Derren Brown asks specifically that you do not reveal anything about the show, because it spoils it for anyone that is yet to see it. I know that I would have been devastated if someone had told me anything about it before I went, so I wouldn’t dream of doing that to anyone. All I will say is that if you are lucky enough to have tickets for the remainder of the tour, you’re sure to have a really, really good time, and if you’re a fan of Derren Brown, you won’t be disappointed. I found myself sat watching the show with my mouth agape on more than one occasion, and I gasped and whooped and cheered and applauded all the way through. It’s a fantastic show!


Before we went in, we tried a selfie. Seven people in a selfie is not easy, but we just about managed it. Of course, we had to be a bit silly too. These are amongst my favourite people in all the world, and I loved spending the weekend with them. Derren Brown was obviously a huge amount of fun, and then we got home and stayed up half the night talking about it (and everything else under the sun). Then we went for breakfast, and then to see X-Men: Days of Future Past the next day. Pretty perfect couple of days, all told.

As Infamous took place in a theatre, I’m totally claiming it as a win for one of my 2014 goals – go to the theatre!

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