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It’s not often I talk directly about music on this here blog. It’s not because I don’t love music, because, of course I do. I’ve written before about my evolving music tastes (something I was thinking about earlier as I listened to a Smiths song – something my fifteen-year-old self would never have done!), the simple pleasure of listening to a favourite song and singing along very loud, and the ten best solo Spice Girls singles.

All of that preamble is a way of saying that sometimes I like to write about music, when I find something I truly, truly love, and want to share with the world. Or at least the readers of this blog. And that’s what I am doing today, but I’ll stop short of pretending that I’m going to make a regular series out of it, because I’m rubbish at making a regular series out of anything.

First up, we have The Shires. I heard them on Bob Harris Country (how far into a post did you think we were going to get before I mentioned Radio 2?), and since them their song Nashville Grey Skies has obviously been added to the BBC playlist, because it’s getting an awful lot of airtime. I also just listened to it three times in a row on Spotify. I’m obsessed!

The Shires are a British band, and they are actually the first ever UK country act to be signed to a major Nashville label. If you have a listen to their song, you’ll understand why. They are just about to record their debut album in Nashville, and I can’t wait. On the basis of Nashville Grey Skies, I’m sure it’s going to be amazing.

If you want to take a listen to The Shires on Bob Harris Country, you can do so here. And if you’re a country fan and you’re not already listening to Bob Harris on a regular basis, you’re missing out. He’s my second favourite Radio 2 DJ.

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