Right now, I am mostly…

Meeting : At the weekend I met up with some of the Essex Bloggers at the EsseXmasMeet organised by Haydy Squibb. I will write about it later in the week, but needless to say I had a lovely time and loved getting to know some more bloggers!

Drinking : I drank a fair amount of wine at the Essex Bloggers meet, and then when I got home, I met my sister and dad at the pub and drank some more wine. In conclusion, there was too much wine, and I felt the effects of it yesterday. I had a good time though!

Shipping : I’m not the hugest fan of the term shipping, but in lieu of anything else, it’ll have to do. Anyway, I went to see Catching Fire last night, and it rekindled all my unfounded hopes for a certain couple. I can’t imagine there is anyone else in the world (aside from my friend Hannah) who shares my hopes, so I won’t embarrass myself by revealing who it is!

Running : Since I put ‘Run 5K’ on my 32 Before 32 list again, I am doubly determined to actually cross it off this time. I started the C25K programme last week, and though I ended up missing a day, I’m still enjoying it. I download Radio 2 podcasts to listen while I run, so I rely on Steve Wright and Simon Mayo to get me through!

Playing : I am still obsessed with QuizUp on my phone. I’m determined to top a national table on one of the categories; so far I’m nearing the top on British TV and US Government. I’ll get there eventually!