Last year, while I was out walking near my house, I noticed a plant hanging down over a fence, and it was the most fabulous colour that I had to take a photo. When the leaves started changing again this year, I remembered it, and decided to go back and take a look at it again. I wanted to try and take a photo of it every week, to chart the change in colour.

As you can see from the first photo, which was taken at the start of September, it was still green, with the odd leaf starting to change. The following week, the red was really starting to show through amongst the green leaves. Then, when I went back the following week, the entire thing was the vibrant red that I had loved last year! I was expecting a much more gradual change, but it wasn’t willing to wait!

I only ended up taking four photos, because when I went back on the fifth week, most of the leaves had fallen, leaving a bare plant, and as much as I love a bare tree, there wasn’t much of interest in a few branches hanging over a fence.

But the photos that I did take show it in all it’s beautiful red glory! I am going to start taking photos earlier next year, possibly in the new year, so I can really chart its progress. I’m also going to use a proper camera, and not just my phone!