When I did BEDM, I totally copped out when it came to the newsflash prompt. I had just got back from a weekend away so I posted a photo of Barack Obama cooing at a baby, melted, and left it at that.

This time, there’s a full post in me! And I’m pleased, because it’s such a fun post (I might do it again in the future even when I am not taking part in a blog every day challenge). Taking a quick look at the BBC news front page shows me that there are a fair few stories that I would like to write about.

As a Doctor Who fan, and someone with an interest in the American presidency, this is a pretty big week. There’s also the news that today the world ‘selfie’ has been picked as the word of the year; interesting news for a social media addict. There’s also Monty Python, and a piece on disability.

In the end I decided to go for that spoke to the fourteen-year-old football obsessed sticker collector that I once was. A guy in Portsmouth found a old Premier League sticker album in his attic and discovered that he was missing just six stickers, so set out to take their photos. He had to travel to Belgium and Scandinavia, but he got there in the end, and completed the album!

The reason that this strikes such a chord with me is that I had that exact album, and to be honest, I probably still do (I imagine it’s in a box in the loft). There will be far more than six gaps in mine, but I honestly used to love collecting football stickers. I loved the fact that the sticker album was a reference book of sorts, I could find out all about the players and the clubs, and in true Jane-style, I went to the extreme of copying information out of the book into lists (football grounds, players over 2m tall; all the good stuff). For this reason, I recognised all six of the players mentioned in the story, and could remember the club that four of them played for at the time of that particular album. Mock all you like, but when I eventually win lots of money on a television quiz show, you’ll be sorry.

To my dismay, the man who underwent this epic quest tossed the album into the sea when it was complete! The hoarder in me doesn’t like that all.