31 Before 31 ~ Complete a Cross Stitch

I’ve been loving doing the BEDM challenge; it has really thrown me out of my comfort zone, and got me writing a lot. But I’ve been neglecting the other parts of my blog, and as BEDM winds down, I’m getting back to the everyday business of Is That You Darling!

The order of business today is a 31 Before 31 update. This one has been a work in progress for a while, but I couldn’t share it with you because it was a birthday present for my friend Jen, who turned thirty last week while we were away. As I’m low on funds at the moment, I couldn’t splash out and buy her something fancy, so I decided to make her a cross-stitch from a free pattern that PixelPower provided. I love PixelPower’s designs, and Jen is a huge Lord of the Rings fan, so I thought she would like a Gandalf cross stitch.

Lord of the Rings Cross Stitch Pattern

Lord of the Rings Cross Stitch

And here is the finished product! My dad framed it for me, because I’m rubbish at things like that, and I am really pleased with it. I think Jen was too, I hope she’ll display it proudly!

23. Complete a cross stitch

14 thoughts on “31 Before 31 ~ Complete a Cross Stitch

  1. That cross-stitch is awesome, well done 🙂 . Not something I’ve ever tried but I’d love to give it a go eventually.

    1. Thank you! This one was really easy – it didn’t take me very long at all, which suits me fine! The more detailed they get, the more chance I have of messing them up!

  2. Fab cross stitch! Perfect for a Tolkien fan! 🙂

    I have a cross stitch project I still haven’t finished from 2002 – it’s a large sampler for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee – It’s going to feature on my ’32 before 32′ list but I don’t think I’m going to get it anywhere near finished! 🙂 x

    1. Wow – that’s a long time to be working on a cross stitch! I can’t take on anything so ambitious, I would just mess it up too many times and get bored of trying to get it completed! Good luck 🙂

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