Next weekend I’m going along to my first blogger meet up. I’m super excited, I thought such things were reserved for a) city bloggers, and b) bigger bloggers than me! But a few weeks ago I caught sight of the #EssexBloggers hashtag on Twitter, and after a bit of investigating, I found that Katrina from Carousel Diaries was arranging a meet up.

Since then I’ve been tweeting some of the other bloggers that are going, and I’m looking forward to meeting them all. Terri-Jane of {twoninethree} has been a blogger friend for a while now, and she’s going along, so it will be great to meet her in person after a lot of chatting on Twitter!

As I said, I am very excited, but I am also rather apprehensive. I have a few worries:

  • I’m rather shy. It’s so easy to click the reply button on Twitter, and get into a conversation about blogging, or books, or films, but when it comes to face-to-face, I have more difficulty. I hope that I don’t find myself listening to everyone else talking, wishing I could join in but finding it impossible!
  • What to wear! I have already seen a couple of tweets from other people wondering about what to wear, and I’m having similar worries! I am not a fashion blogger, nor do I consider myself to be particularly fashion-conscious. I just wear what I like, and I am not sure that I am ever particularly on-trend.
  • I don’t have all the fancy blogger accessories; no iPhone, no iPad, no DSLR. I am more than happy with what I do have, but I don’t want people to think I’m a blogging intruder!

By no means do I wish to do the other Essex Bloggers a disservice with this; I am sure that they are all lovely ladies who won’t look down their nose at me at all. These are just some of my silly insecurities!

So, bloggers, have you ever been to a blogger event? Were you nervous? Tell me your stories!