I’ve had to be super organised and schedule this post, because this week went from being fairly busy to super busy. As you read this, I am on my way to Cardiff for a Doctor Who-related day. I’ll be sure to update you with a fantastical blog post when I get back! On with the links!

Gabrielle at Design Mom posted these photos she found by photographer Caren Albert. She used an electron microscope to photograph food, and the results are fascinating!

Autumn is well and truly here, officially as well as in my heart. Both Sarah and Kaylah have made to-do lists for this most spectacular of seasons.

The US Presidential election race has entered its final six weeks. 90 Days, 90 Reasons is a collection of essays by all sorts of different people about why they feel you should vote for Obama. If you’re American, of course. The rest of us will just have to stand on the sides holding pom-poms and hoping for the best.

Another week, another cake: a really old recipe on Afeitar’s blog for a Malteser cake. Yum!

An interesting article about students cheating in exams at New York Magazine.

A frightening blog post about a Twitter troll. Fascinating reading though.

A blog I found because of a link at Skulls and Ponies – Join the Mood. Hair, crafts and recipes.

Dean Reeves has reimagined movie posters in a Film Noir style.


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Have a happy Wednesday!