With tuppence for paper and string…

This is most unprecedented! I have completed another 30 Before 30 item! This one was easy in principle, but one of those things that had the potential never to happen. It’s number eight, in case you were wondering: Fly a Kite.

Luckily, my friend Vicky had won a kite in a competition some time ago, and a long awaited Team VAJJ weekend had been planned for last weekend. Due to busy schedules, and the living location of one of us, the four of us hardly ever get to be together. Seriously, it’s ridiculous. Anyway, as this was one of those rare weekends when we were all together, and Vicky has a kite, it had to be flown.

It was all rather good fun, apart from the bit where I stepped backwards into an electric fence and thought I was about to die. Utterly ridiculous, and all in the pursuit of a photograph (and trying to find a dry piece of grass).

It’s so nice to be able to cross another one off the list!

See how it looks like I know exactly what I’m doing?

I totally got the hang of it and kept the kite in the air for so long!

The kite tried to kill me on more than one occasion.
8. Fly a kite

(Additional photos by Anna Divall)

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