Welcome to another blog interview! Last year I featured interviews with six different bloggers that I particularly admire, and I’m back with some more now! There are three this time round, and there will almost definitely be more to come, because I love doing them!


I’ve followed Terri-Jane’s blog {twoninethree} for quite some time now, though I can’t remember how I came to find her. We’re also friends on Twitter, and seem to have a similar passion for reading! Terri-Jane’s blog doesn’t focus on one particular topic, she writes about lots of different things, including fashion, books and music, and I always love to read what she has to say. She’s also an Essex blogger! Check out her answers to my questions, and then head over to {twoninethree} to see her blog for yourself.

Tell me a bit about yourself! Where you live, how old you are, etc.

Hi! Thanks for asking me to be part of your blog interviews! I’m Terri-Jane, I’m 25, and I live in Colchester with my fiancé. I’m at university, and I blog at {twoninethree}.

What is the name of your blog, and how did you choose it?

My blog is called {twoninethree}, and it’s not as random as it looks; it’s actually just my birthday, 29/3. I chose it because I wanted a blog name that reflected at least some aspect of myself, so that is what I chose.

How would you describe your blog?

I would describe my blog as a mish-mash of different things that I’m interested in. I try to keep it varied because I want it to be something that I would like to read if I were reading, rather than writing it. Basically I figure that if I write about things I’m interested in, there must be something there that someone else is interested in too!

How do you like to spend your spare time?

At the moment, I don’t have too much spare time, though I’ll have four months off of uni in about a week’s time – yay! I work part-time, and I study English and US Literature for my degree, and Spanish as extra. I run a book club as well, and that will be carrying on over the summer. I like to have lots of fingers in lots of pies! In my actual spare time, I do a lot of reading (I keep track at Goodreads), and I write a little bit. I like going to gigs and the theatre when I can, and I spend way too much time shopping and painting my nails.

Do you aspire to become a full-time blogger? Do you think you could reach a point where your blog could provide an income?

I’m happy with my blog being where it is, but if the opportunity arose for it to get bigger, I would take it – I don’t have any aspirations for my blog to become my full-time job, at the moment it’s more of an outlet, but who knows where it will end up!!

Is there a post you have written that you consider your favourite, or your most successful?

I love writing the Roundup series, which I’ve done since I started my blog, but some of my most popular posts have been the one off ones. My DIY Ombre Dip Dye Jumper is the most viewed post I’ve ever published, and my review of the Charlie Simpson gigisn’t far behind.

What other blogs do you read regularly?

Other than Is that you darling? 😉 My sister blogs too, at Polly May : And The Like, Other favourites are: Oh, Such a Primadonna, Little Blog of Horrors, Bright Young Twins, and A Rosie Outlook. I love Tumblr as well, but I don’t have one, so I’m a Tumblr-stalker. Good Mail is a new one I’ve found.

One of the reasons I like your blog so much is that you don’t pigeon hole yourself into one category; you have a broad range of different topics that you blog about. Is there anything you would like to write more about?

I’d like to do a few more beauty posts. I’ve done a couple and I really enjoyed them. I like reading beauty blogs, so maybe I’ll give that a bit more of a go!

What tips would you give to someone who is thinking about starting their own blog?

I don’t know that I’m particularly qualified to give advice, but I would just say “Write about what you care about.” If you aren’t interested in what you’re writing, how can you expect other people to be?

Why should everyone hotfoot it over to {twoninethree} and check you out?

Because there is loads to choose from. If you like books, there are posts on books; if you like DIY projects, or film reviews, or Instagram posts, there’s those too. And I love meeting people, so if you do come over, make sure to say hi!!

Thanks so much to Terri-Jane for taking the time to answer my questions! Another couple of interviews are coming in the next couple of days!