Hello all

As you probably know, I’m not American, I’m English. As a result, I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Even when I was in America for Thanksgiving, I didn’t celebrate (and had a pretty miserable, lonely day, but never mind that now!). I do, however, celebrate the brilliance of The West Wing on a regular basis. As today is the American day of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share a video with you. The West Wing does Thanksgiving particularly well: Shibboleth in the second season was about Chinese asylum seekers try to seek into the US to avoid religious persecution in their homeland, with a secondary storyline involving CJ and the pardoning of a turkey; in Season 4 there is Arctic Radar, not Thanksgiving-heavy but featuring a genius moment where the President shouts at the Secretary General of the U.N.; and finally we have The Indians in the Lobby, from which the clip comes.


Happy Thanksgiving to you all Americans out there!

Until next time