1 – Hunter Rucksack – Bill Amberg – £460 ~ 2. Collegiate Oversized Satchel – ASOS – £45 ~ 3. Red and White Polka Dot Leather Satchel – Zatchels – £91 ~ 4. The Fluro – The Cambridge Satchel Company – £98 ~ 5. Ally Capellino 13″ Canvas Rucksack for MacBook Pro – The Apple Store – £144.95 ~ 6. Mini Check Satchel – ASOS – £18

So first up in my celebration of all things autumnal, we have some bags. Nothing says Back to School like a nice satchel. I particularly like ASOS’s Collegiate one, especially in those colours, though the bright green one from The Satchel Company is also rather eye-catching! Also with a Back to School vibe, we have some backpacks. The Hunter one is gorgeous, but at £460 I’d be scared to take it outside lest I ruined it in some way!

Does your choice of bag change according to the seasons? I don’t think mine does, though I am much more inclined to use a canvas style bag in the summer, when the fear of rain is much less than during the autumn and winter.

Until next time