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You may or may not know this about me: I love autumn. I’m that annoying person that wishes the summer away so that autumn can arrive. My love for this season stems from the fact that it’s Back to School time, and I’m a big fan of school. Unfortunately, now that my academic career is over, I can’t really celebrate Back to School in the same way as I did, though my niece starts school in September, so I’ll be living it vicariously through her. I also love the weather. I love that it starts to get cold, windy and wet, and I love the trees changing, and I love that I get to wear chunky jumpers and warm tights and boots and scarves and gloves and hats. To summarise, I love Autumn with all my heart.

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To celebrate this king of seasons, I’m going to be sharing with some of my favourite things about autumn over the next couple of weeks. I’m also probably going to be watching You’ve Got Mail, because whilst it’s nothing more than an average romantic comedy, it’s a great autumn film.

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Watch this space!

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