Hello all
I missed a day! I knew it would happen, and frankly I’m surprised I got as far as I did before I missed one! I had actually taken the photograph, I just didn’t get around to uploading it yesterday, and then I was out pretty much all day today, and so it just didn’t happen until now. And now, of course, I’m a day behind. I could have just taken today’s photo now and posted them together, but today’s prompt is ‘Sunset’. Which is impossible to photograph at 11.50PM. Here, at least. So I’ll have to do today’s and tomorrow’s at some point tomorrow, and post them together. I’ll get back on track!
So here is yesterday’s photograph: High Angle. I wasn’t entirely sure what this meant, so I took it to mean being above something and photographing it. I took a few out of the window, and this is the best of the bunch.
It’s my back garden from my bathroom window. See how dry the grass is, that’s because yesterday was the first rain we’d had in ages!
Until next time