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Hello all
Today I struggled slightly with the photo challenge. This is partly because taking photos of clouds is not the easiest thing in the world, and partly because today was very hot, and there wasn’t a plethora of clouds to choose from. I was at my sister’s house to see my nephew for his birthday, and we had a barbecue, so I took the opportunity then and snapped one. It’s a good job I did, because my battery died soon after!
As you can see, it’s not a great photo, but I actually don’t mind it because I like the pattern that the clouds are making.
Tomorrow’s prompt is ‘breakfast’, so I had better make sure I get up early enough to actually have some! I will also be returning to regular scheduled programming at some point too, i.e. blogging like I usually do. I’ve just got a bit caught up with this challenge in the last couple of days!
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