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I missed last week’s weekly post! I didn’t even remember it until the end of the week, and then I thought it was probably too late, and besides, it doesn’t really matter if I miss the odd week. Plus, I have to say, I’ve not been enthralled with any of the topics lately. But I’m back this week, albeit a bit later than usual, with number 84:

If you could master any skill instantly, what would it be?

I went with my mum to the hospital, she had to have a blood test, and I was reading a magazine while I was waiting. The last time I tried to read a magazine in that waiting room, it was National Geographic, and there I was, reading away, when I came across an article mentioning George W. Bush, and talking about him very much in the present, rather than the past. When I checked the date, I swear it was from about 2002. Another one, a woman’s magazine was from about 2005. The one I was reading the other day, Time, was from February of this year. So maybe next time I go, I’ll be reading one from the future, or something.

Anyway, in Time, there was an article (which I found online too), about the humble ukulele. It explained that in times of financial hardship, such as the Depression in the 1930s, and now, sales of ukuleles (and harmonicas) have risen. This is mainly due to them being cheap and portable (though I’m not sure why being portable makes them recession-proof). They are also apparently quite easy to learn. So that’s it, that’s the thing that I’d like to master instantly. I want to be able to play the ukulele.

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I’ve actually wanted one for a while, they were in a music shop window in Colchester as ‘perfect gifts’ once, and at only £25, they weren’t that expensive, but on a student budget, they were maybe an extravagance too far. But I feel that I could probably teach myself to play fairly easily, so I might see if I can have one for my birthday, or buy myself one before then if I have the money. Do any of my fabulous readers play the ukulele, or something similar? Maybe the banjo, or the mandolin. Or maybe you’re hardcore, and can play the guitar? Or maybe the harp! (When I first wrote ‘mandolin’ back there, I wrote ‘mandarin’ instead of ‘mandolin’.)

To end, a few examples of the ukulele in use:




Finally, quite awesomely, Smells Like Teen Spirit performed by seven ukuleleists – The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, who I now endeavour to see play live!


Until next time!