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Apparently, today is Tolkien Reading Day! Who knew that such a day existed? I certainly didn’t. Apparently March 25th is date from the books, the date of the downfall of Sauron, and that is why it was chosen. Other important dates, such as Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday (September 22nd) and Tolkien’s birthday (January 3rd) already have events that regularly happen, so March 25th was fixed upon by The Tolkien Society. It started in 2003, and is simply designed to encourage people to read Tolkien, whether it be for the first time or the fiftieth time.

To celebrate, I thought I’d feature some difference covers of The Lord of the Rings.

LOTR - Fantastic Fiction - Green ~ source ~

LOTR - Borders 1 ~ source ~

LOTR - Borders 2 ~ source ~

LOTR - Borders 3~ source ~

LOTR - Borders 4 ~ source ~

FOTR - Ace Books - My Site ~ source ~

TTT - Ace Books - My Site~ source ~

ROTK - Ace Books - My Site ~ source ~

LOTR Scrapbook Film~ source ~

I’m off to finish rereading The Hobbit. Until next time!


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