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25 Feb 2007 – Lovingly Alice
Lovingly Alice is the third and final prequel in the Alice Series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. (Wikipedia)
I have decided to make a list of famous people that I fancy at the moment, just for fun. The list is a lot longer than this really, I just can’t think of them all at the moment.
John Hannah – 44
Bill Nighy – 57
Simon Pegg – 37
Daniel Craig – 39
Johnny Depp – 43
Topher Grace – 28
James McAvoy – 28
Patrick Dempsey – 41
Billy Bob Thornton – 51
Michael Madsen – 48
Mark Wahlberg – 35
Leonardo Di Caprio – 32
Jason Isaacs – 43
Christopher Dean – 48
Phillip Schofield – 44
Jose Mourinho – 44
Aidy Boothroyd – 36
Richard Hammond – 37
Jeremy Irons – 58
Gary Barlow – 36
Rufus Sewell – 39
I have added their ages, and worked out that the average age is 41.2, which is quite old I suppose. Bill Nighy, Billy Bob and Jeremy Irons push that average up a bit, seeing as they are all over 50. Without them, it goes down to 38.9. I was trying to think of some famous younger men that I like, and there are a few, like Brendan Cole from SCD and Jude Law, but the ones listed above are much more current, due to having seen them recently or just really, really loving them!
I went to see Hot Fuzz last night (hence the appearance of Simon Pegg on the list – he’s nice!), and it was very funny! Of course I knew it was going to be funny, but there were a couple of gory moments in it as well, which were nasty! There were two people sitting behind us who found everything ten times funnier than anyone else in there, and laughed ten times louder. Why do they always sit behind us?
And this morning I went to a free screening of Freedom Writers, starring Hilary Swank and Patrick Dempsey. This got quite a bad review in Empire, they only gave it two stars, but I thought it was good. It made me cry a little, as it was really touching towards the end. Hilary Swank plays a teacher whose first teaching job is at a high school where a lot of the kids are involved in gang violence, and she takes one class and turns them around and gives them a reason to want to go to school.
I’ve had confirmation that I will be on the top table at Anna and Rob’s wedding, if all goes to plan, so that’s cool. Not that I would have minded being on one of the other tables, but it’s nice to be up there, as the semi chief bridesmaid! Just got to work out who I will be sitting next to now!
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21 May 2007 – Seneca Mall
Seneca Mall, which was opened in 1969, was a shopping mall south of Buffalo, New York. (Wikipedia)
It feels so good to be back on Myspace! For anyone who is interested, we lost our internet connection at home about 35 years ago, and then, rudely enough, they blocked my access at work, which is outrageous! So I had no way of getting on here, but I am back, and all is right with the world.
I am at home at 15.47 on a Monday afternoon, and that feels good too. In fact, I am beginning to wonder if I can cope with another 4 months at work. It’s just so boring! My days are the same, day in, day out, and it’s really hard to muster up any enthusiasm for that! So all in all, I’d quite like to win the lottery now, and then I could give up work until September and then go to uni!
So it was the wedding of the year (or at least the month. Maybe the week.) on Saturday! It went fine, without even a slight hitch, and it was so great! I had so much fun, even if I did cry a little bit during the ceremony because of course I get emotional so easily! But the ceremony was the shortest part, and then we got onto the important part – the party! And that was fab of course, lots of dancing and laughing and photos and videos – the Thriller dance that we choreographed, practiced and rehearsed was filmed by about 5 different people I think!
So now my best friend is married – Mrs Divall – which is just weird cos it just sounds as though you are talking about Rob’s mum when you say that!
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28 May 2007 – The Naked Monster
The Naked Monster is an ultra low-budget send-up of giant monster-on-the-loose films of the 1950s. (Wikipedia)
Bank holidays are poo! Never mind the fact that I have nothing to do so have resorted to writing another blog, the weather is so crap that I am having trouble typing (it’s that cold!).
I really don’t spend half as much time on Myspace anymore, for the simple reason that there are more people I know on Facebook, and also I like the setup of that better. Trouble with Facebook is that it doesn’t have such a good blog system as Myspace, and although people may think that I am sad for writing blogs, and I don’t suppose that many people enjoy reading them, I enjoy writing them!
I just accepted my university place. I had to reply by 5th June, which is still about a week away but I figured that if I didn’t do it, I would end up forgetting and then not being able to go, which would make me look fairly stupid after months of going on about it. I decided on American Studies in the end, I am not going to do Criminology, because although it sounded quite interesting, I don’t think that I am interested enough in it to do a degree in it. I just kind of applied for it in order to give me a choice at this stage, but I opted for American Studies on its own, so I hope I have made the right decision!
I’ve spent most of the last week watching CSI DVDs that Vicky lent me. I think it’s fair to say that I’m obsessed with the programme. I go through stages where I get obsessive about these things, for a while back there it was The West Wing, which, although obviously I still love, I don’t feel the urge to be watching constantly, which is how I feel about CSI right now! I love most of the characters, the only one that I have a problem with is Sara. I don’t know what it is about her, she just irritates me slightly. I mean, I love Grissom like she does, so maybe I should like her more. And I suppose I would like it if they got together, but surely they never will, cos Grissom’s a bit strange and seems unable to form relationships. And I love Warwick too. I just think he’s so gorgeous, and as Jenny would say, totally buff! In an episode I watched yesterday, he and Catherine shared a bit of a look, which obviously got me to thinking that it would be great if they got together, Catherine doesn’t seem to have much luck with men and Warwick would be so good for her! I also have a strange sort of crush on Jim Brass, which is totally weird cos he’s not that attractive and isn’t the nicest character (although he’s nicer than he was), but I really like him!
OK, so for anyone that has never watched CSI, that whole paragraph was a complete bore for you I am sure, but as it is my current obsession I felt I had to mention it!
Unfortunately, it’s back to work tomorrow, which is just wrong as far as I am concerned. No doubt the weather will cheer up and it will be boiling hot again tomorrow, which is just awful, not just because we’ll all be stuck at work and not able to get out into the sun, but mainly because the office gets so hot, it’s like a pressure cooker and opening windows doesn’t seem to do that much to help, so I get all drowsy and can’t be arsed to do any work! I would then, ordinarily, start messing around on Facebook, but I have started to feel guilty about doing that all the time as obviously I am not supposed to be! But, I do have three days off next week, as we are going to Alton Towers on Friday and I decided to have Weds and Thursday off as well, seeing as I am not going away this year so I have to use up my holiday days sometime!
Well I am off to watch some more CSI, as obviously watching two and a half series worth in just over a week has not sated my appetite enough!
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31 May 2007 – Shakedown Street
Shakedown Street is the tenth studio album by the Grateful Dead. It was released on November 15, 1978, by Arista. (Wikipedia)
I’m posting again, for the simple reason that I am bored. I was on Facebook for about an hour, but even that has its limits. And myspace is fairly quiet these days. Pretty much the only comments I get are abusive ones from my lovely niece.
Work was fairly boring today, although generally I had a good day. I managed to work my way through a long spreadsheet that has needed doing for ages but that I have been putting off. But now it’s done! I also had to endure a 10 minute long phone call from one of my engineers (they aren’t really mine but I like to think that they answer to me. They do really, even if they don’t realise it.) He was in the middle of an inspection yesterday when his back went and he had to be taken by hospital by ambulance. Now, if the conversation had consisted of just that “I was doing an inspection and my back went” – that would have been fine. But no. It was “Well, I was inspecting the Transit, and I bent on the bonnet to read the VIN…” right through to “… and now I’m lying on my bed, flat on my back.” I mean I feel sorry for the guy but I didn’t need every minute detail!
I’m reading a fairly fabulous book at the moment, it’s called Gone with the Windsors by Laurie Graham. It’s so good, it’s based around the abdication on Edward VIII, but it’s told from the perspective of a fictional friend of Wallace Simpson. It’s really funny, you’re not really supposed to like the narrator, she’s a bit of a snob and I don’t think she can really see Wallace for what she is, but I think she’s good deep down, I like the way she comes to care about her niece and nephew. I’m coming to the end of it now, it’s right up to the eve of war. I would definitely recommend it!
Anna and Rob are home tomorrow, thank god! I’m feel like I am being a bit stalkerish with regard to Anna, I keep going on about how much I miss her, but I really do! And I can’t wait to see her again! How will I cope when I go to uni and I don’t see her everyday?
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17 Jun 2007 – You’re the One for Me, Fatty
“You’re the One for Me, Fatty” was a single released by Morrissey released in April 1992. (Wikipedia)
I started writing a blog last weekend, but I accidentally hit back and it didn’t save. I couldn’t be bothered to go back and type it, but I can’t think of anything interesting that I said now!
I think I mentioned that we went to Alton Towers last weekend, it was well fun! I enjoy spending time with Anna, Jenny and Vicky so much that we could basically be doing anything but it was great to finally get to AT, seeing as we had been talking about it for ages. And, the weekend contained one of the funniest conversations ever (as far as we were concerned anyway). Please find to follow an approximate transcript:
Jenny (on opening a birthday present of a new watch from Anna): Oh great, thanks.
Anna (on noticing a new watch on Jenny’s wrist): Is that a new watch that you’ve got on there?
Jenny: Yeah, but it’s OK. It’s from George.
Anna: George who? (Then, seeing Jenny’s confused look…) Oh, your car George!
(Cue much laughter from Anna and Jenny as Anna realises what she has said.)
Jane and Vicky (on noticing that Anna and Jenny are in hysterics): What’s so funny?
(Cue an explanation as to what has caused said hysterics)
Jane and Vicky (whilst laughing at Anna for being so ridiculous): Who was George then?
Jenny (looking at Jane and Vicky as though they are stupid): George! You know, George, at Asda?
Jane, Vicky and Anna continue to gape at Jenny without knowing what she is talking about, all the while thinking, who is George at Asda? Does he work there? And why is someone at Asda buying Jenny a birthday present? Didn’t she work at the Co-op?
Jenny: George, the shop in Asda?
Cue many looks of comprehension dawning on the faces of Anna, Vicky and Jane as they realise just how stupid they have been. Tissues have to be handed to each person as they laugh so much that they cry.
The hilarity of this conversation may not be apparent, but it was truly one of the funniest things ever (It may be one of those ‘had to be there’ things). The whole weekend contained many such moments, but this was the pinnacle!
I would recommend to anyone that is going to AT to purchase the queue buster tickets. We didn’t, and then sorely regretted it, having queued for about an hour and a half for Air, we then realised that we didn’t have time to do the same for the other four or five ‘big’ rides that we wanted to go on. It would also have been prudent to have stayed at the B&B on the Saturday night as well as the Friday, but hindsight is a wonderful thing and at least we will know for next time.
Today is Father’s Day. I don’t really like the fact that Father’s Day is so close to my dad’s birthday (which is on July 7th). It’s hard enough trying to think of one thing to buy for him, let alone two. I bought him a CD of Alan Bennett’s play The History Boys. I know he likes Alan Bennett so it was a fairly safe option. He’s usually fairly happy with anything you buy him anyway, but he’s so hard to buy for, because he doesn’t have any specific hobbies. He doesn’t really like films, he’s not into sport, he doesn’t have specific music that he listens to. It kind of limits the choices slightly!
I’ve been watching the 6th Season of CSI, thanks to the lendage of a DVD from Neil. I seriously can’t believe (and sorry for anyone who hasn’t seen it) that Warrick got married! It’s horrible! I feel totally like Catherine felt, despite nothing ever happening between them, it always felt like a possibility because there was an obvious attraction between them, and now the possibility is limited (although obviously not eliminated) by this stupid marriage to stupid Tina who we have never even seen! Warrick has only known her for a while! I know it’s a little bit pathetic to get so worked up about these things, but I do!
Ooh, I’m reading Atonement by Ian McEwan at the mo, I haven’t got very far, but it’s awesome so far!
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22 Jul 2007 – No Deals, Mr. Bond
No Deals, Mr. Bond, first published in 1987, was the sixth novel by John Gardner featuring Ian Fleming’s secret agent, James Bond. (Wikipedia)
It’s been ages since I wrote a blog again, I was writing one a little while ago and then I accidentally pressed back and lost everything I was writing! I was going through a CSI obsesssion at the time, more so than now, so the whole thing was all about how much I loved it and my feelings on the 6th season, which I had just finished watching, and then I realised that Vicky hadn’t seen the 6th series, so I didn’t want to spoil it all for her but revealing what happens (Oh my goodness, hurry up and watch it V!). But I haven’t watched any new CSI for weeks now, so my obsession has abated somewhat! Now I am loving CSI:NY and Miami, I am only on Season 1 for both, but I love them, and somewhat predictably I love Mac and Horatio!
For anyone that doesn’t know, I am an auntie again! My brother’s wife, Tanya, had a baby girl on Weds, called Lyla, and she is perfect! Well, I say she is perfect, she actually has two webbed toes on each foot, but that just makes her quirky as far as I am concerned! She’s so gorgeous, she only weighed 6 pounds 1 and a half (no idea how to write that really!) so she’s absolutely miniscule, she gets lost in my brother’s arms as he is huge! She came to visit today and I got at least 2 cuddles with her, it’s kind of difficult with so many brothers and sisters, it means you have to share her (boo!).
Another momentous occasion in my life (it really IS an amazing year, Vicky), is that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released on Friday night, and I finished reading it at 11.40 on Saturday morning. I had to read it quickly like that, it was so full of action that I didn’t feel that I wanted to put it down in the middle! Needless to say, I am not going to say what happened, as if I would, but I really really enjoyed it and although I am sad it is over, I am really happy with the resolution of it.
I only have 7 days left at Highway! I cannot believe that my notice period has passed so quickly, although to be honest I doesn’t really feel that real! I am so happy to be going though, it will be fun to try something new and then when that’s over, I’ll finally be going to uni! I can’t wait, really I just want it to be October now so I can be there!
I’ve decided to finish my blogs with a quote that I like, as I don’t really like just ending on a random note!

“Dance till the stars come down from the rafters, Dance, Dance, Dance till you drop.” – W.H Auden

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12 Aug 2007 – There Is No Ending
“There Is No Ending” is a song by Scottish post-folk indie band Arab Strap. (Wikipedia)
I’ve been trying to write a blog for a couple of weeks but it keeps going wrong! I keep hitting the back key by mistake and losing what I’ve written, but then I can’t be arsed to go back and rewrite it all! So here’s hoping with this one!
This is the first time I have written as a non Highway employee! I finished on the 31st July, and have been working at a nursery since then. I’m really enjoying it, it makes such a change from sitting in an office everyday! Because I’m working with the holiday club, we’re allowed to take them out everyday, even if we just go to the park. And as the weather seems to have changed, it’s lovely and sunny and I even got sunburnt last week!
I’ve been doing some typing tests this morning (because I’m beyond cool), I want to make sure I don’t lose my ability as I’m not typing everyday like I was!
I saw my gorgeous baby niece again last night, she really is the most gorgeous baby ever! I know that obviously I would say that as she’s my niece but she’s so loverly, and she is so contented, she doesn’t cry that much. I just love her so much!
I have more US television to be obsessed with at the moment. There’s Heroes, which is quite brilliant, although a little scary, at least the last episode was, but I am really enjoying it. And then, after Heroes has finished on BBC2 on a Weds night, Brothers and Sisters starts on Ch4. And that is also brilliant! My favourite character is Kitty, she’s so funny and Calista Flockhart plays her really well! I can’t wait to see what happens next, cos Rob Lowe has just come into it and I really like him! Ooh, and really enjoying Season 3 of Grey’s too!

“Indecision may or may not be my problem.” Jimmy Buffett
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23 Sep 2007 – They Were Expendable
‘They Were Expendable’ is a war film released in 1945. The movie was directed by John Ford and starred Robert Montgomery, John Wayne and Donna Reed. (Wikipedia)
So today is my last full Sunday at my house before I move to Colchester to start university! It’s such a weird feeling, to be honest it doesn’t really feel real at the moment, it still feels like ages away and I haven’t even started packing yet and who knows how long that is going to take me! I can’t decide which of my clothes I should take so I think I’m probably going to end up taking most of them! Luckily though, being in Colchester, I’m not going to be too far away so if I find I need to come home to collect some bits, it won’t be too much of a problem. Either that or I can persuade my dad to bring some stuff to me!
I just went to watch High School Musical 2 with the boys (our house is, sadly, Disney Channel free). It was, of course, the cheesiest thing ever, and not that different from the first one really, but it’s all good fun and I guess as long as you take it with a pinch of salt then it’s fine! I will be able to talk about with the little gits at work – they were going on about it on Friday! And now, again, I have a crush on Zac Efron! I didn’t really like him in the first one, but then I saw him in Hairspray and he was really good, and so now I like him HSM2!
I’m currently in the process of getting addicted to another US crime drama series: Criminal Minds. I have only watched about 10 episodes of the first series so far, but I love it! It hasn’t displaced NCIS at the top of my favourites table yet though – I have just watched the end of Series 2 (oh my god!) and need to get on with Series 3, if only Tesco would pull their finger out and actually send me the first disc!
“Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?” Edgar Bergen
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06 Nov 2007 – Surviving Picasso
Surviving Picasso is a 1996 Merchant Ivory film starring Anthony Hopkins as the famous painter Pablo Picasso. (Wikipedia)
I seriously cannot believe it. I have just written a blog (quite eloquently if I do say so myself), and I just pressed the backspace button in order to delete something and I wasn’t in the text properly and so it went back a page and now I have to write the whole thing again! Rubbish! I hate it when I do that! So now, I am going to copy this text every other sentence, just to make sure that if it happens again I don’t lose it!
Anyway, so, if I can remember correctly, I mentioned that a lot has changed since the last time I wrote. Obviously I am now a student at the University of Essex. To be honest, it feels so normal already, it’s hard to remember a time when I wasn’t a student. That’s silly, I know, of course I can remember, it was like 2 months ago, but I mean I’ve settled into it well. And I am really enjoying it. I should be doing my essays that are due in next week (3. In one week. Unbelievable), but I am not. To be fair, I have actually started two of them, so I’m not hugely behind, but that’s not to say that I shouldn’t be doing them to get them out of the way. However, I am planning to spend the whole weekend doing them so I am consoling myself with that fact. I am having an evening off.
I have just watched last week’s Heroes. I know it’s dreadfully unfashionable to be watching Series 1 still, everyone else has already watched it and are halfway through Series 2 already, and ordinarily I would be all impatient and want to be up to date. But I am really enjoying watching it week by week, I think it adds to the tension of it! And boy, is it getting tense! It just gets better and better, but also scarier and scarier! Who would have thought, a couple of weeks ago, that I’d be feeling sorry for HRG? I guess it’s been coming for weeks, when the series first started we were supposed to believe that he was the bad guy, but then Sylar appears (horrid, scary, nasty Sylar), and it’s like ‘Oh!’ And then in this episode, Claire finally comes round to him and forgives him, and I guess the audience realises that he’s not as bad as we thought he was. (I worded that so much better before, when I first wrote this stupid blog). And now, the Haitian (who I think totally sounds like my flatmate Jeffery), has shot HRG and is taking his memory, all to protect Claire, and so I like him a little bit more now, even if he does remind me of Graham, in a bit of a creepy way. And there’s also the whole issue of Hiro’s dad being involved somehow, as we have learnt from the flashback (little Hiro was so cute). But now Primatech have Matt, who I like, and it’s all getting a bit scary and it’s almost the end of the series, and I am scared to watch!
So anyway, I have spent ages talking about Heroes! I was going to spend some time talking about how much my life has changed! Except it hasn’t really, I mean, obviously I live in a different place now, and I am a student and not a worker, but other than that, it’s all pretty much the same! I have met some great new people, but (and I was thinking about this the other day), I think being older is a factor here, because, apart from my flatmates Samm and Hannah, I haven’t really made any good friends. And I think that’s because I have the bestest ever friends in the world, in Anna, Vicky and Jenny, and because I have been friends with them for years, I don’t feel like I need, or want to have another set of best friends here. I know that sounds rubbish, and Jen would probably kill me and go on about how I have to try and make new friends, but I don’t want to! Obviously I have friends, and I want to get on with people, but, well, you know what I am saying don’t you? (I’m talking to you, Anna and Vicky, as I know you are the only two who read this. xx)
Anyway, that’s that. I had previously mentioned Sub Zero, the nightclub here, and how I have been there about 4 times, which is actually more than I had previously been clubbing in my life. And I also mentioned that it was voted the Number 1 Student Venue in the UK (we keep getting told that, I guess they think it’s important). Oh, and also (I didn’t say this before), I got a job. I am now a Student Ambassador. Which basically means that I have to show prospective students and their parents around the university. It’s all good fun, although I haven’t started yet. I’m going to have to pretend to be confident and outgoing, but I think I can do that for £6.71 an hour. Oh yeah, and I also said that I use brackets too much (but I just find them so handy).

“My karma ran over your dogma” – Unknown

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